Budget Forces Reduced Hours at Crowther Teen Center

City Council also approves charging a gym fee for adult basketball.

In May, the city unanimously voted to cut Glendora's budget by $1 million, which included a combined $305 million reduction from the Recreation and Teen budget.

With an approved 2012-2013 budget now in effect, a reduction in two hours from the weekly schedule and the closure of the facility on Saturdays is the new norm.

When analyzing options the Recreation Department had in reducing the Teen Center, administrators took into consideration daily attendance, services already provided and other areas that could be implemented.

"Every dollar that goes into the teen division goes to help the Teen Center. So, you really couldn't cut the teen division without the Teen Center," said La Shawn Butler, director of community services. "It was the Saturdays and the reduced services was all we really had left."

In a unanimous vote June 26, the Glendora City Council approved changes to the Master Schedule of Fees, which includes charging for use of the gym for adult basketball at the Teen Center, which includes a $5 membership fee, an open gym fee of $2 for three hours for a three hour session for adults.

Like many city services, the Teen Center has had its share of gradual cuts over the years.

"We've been in cuts, probably for the last four years. We've lost … part time staff over those years," said John Aguirre, recreation superintendent. "When we opened, we started with two receptionists and during programmed hours we used to have five part time rec. leaders. Probably three or four years ago we went down to one receptionist … this time were are down to two [recreational leaders].

The Teen Center sees anywhere from 100 to 150 children a day during the school year and well over 200 kids during the summer time. Close to 100 adults also use the gym and basketball courts, said Ann Warner, recreation supervisor.

Staff have also had to heavily rely on volunteers. Despite the cuts, remaining staff have been able to keep the children engaged.

"Most of the kids feel like this is their home. We have some that started when they were in first grade," Aguirre said. "We've gone through about three sessions of those that have gone through us in middle school, now in high school."

Officials are always looking for sponsorships and volunteers to help at the Teen Center.

Anyone interested in sponsorships, or volunteering opportunities can call Ann Warner at (626) 914-3646.


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