Bear Scared Back Into Hills in San Dimas

The critter made his way into the San Dimas Canyon Clubhouse Tuesday morning.

Armed with golf carts, Sheriff's deputies shooed a bear discovered hanging around in San Dimas.

The bear was seen around 10:18 a.m. in the San Dimas Canyon Clubhouse, 2100 Tierrabonne Avenue. The bear was up in a tree between the clubhouse and the hills of San Dimas. Deputies awaited the arrival of Fish and Game officials, but they never showed up, said Lieutenant Andy Berg of the San Dimas Sheriff's Station.

The bear began to leave on its own, when deputies decided to give it a little more encouragement and chased him up into the hills.

Authorities were curious to know if this bear was the same one that wandered into a San Dimas neighborhood . The bear was spotted near Baseline Road and San Dimas Canyon Road. That bear was tranquilized and sent up into the hills rather quickly.

"They tranquilized him, but they said it only lasts about 30 minutes, so they were in a hurry to get him out of there. They took him up to San Dimas Canyon Road through the gate maybe a half mile past the forest station. We were curious if he was the same guy," Berg said.


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