Donald Sterling Agrees to Allow Wife to Negotiate Sale of Clippers

The move, however, could have little real impact, since the NBA has not accepted the arrangement, and Rochelle "Shelly" Sterling has indicated that she wants to maintain some ownership of the team.

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

A possible sale of the Los Angeles Clippers may have moved onto a faster track today with news that embattled owner Donald Sterling has agreed to allow his wife to negotiate the sale.

The move, however, could have little real impact, since the NBA has not accepted the arrangement, and Rochelle "Shelly" Sterling has indicated that she wants to maintain some ownership of the team. However, the reported arrangement is the first indication that Donald Sterling may be willing to give up his share of the team without a fight.

Shelly Sterling and her lawyers have been in discussions with the NBA since her husband was banned for life by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver April 29 for racially tinged comments captured on audio by longtime Sterling companion V. Stiviano and released to two websites.

Until now, Donald Sterling -- represented by attorney Maxwell Blecher -- appeared ready to mount a long legal battle to keep control of the team. Blecher indicated in correspondence to the NBA that Sterling intended to fight the charges and the move to terminate his ownership, saying he did not believe he'd done anything to deserve that much of a punishment.

But a source told ESPN that Sterling has rethought his position and formally agreed to allow Shelly -- an alternate governor of the team -- to negotiate a sale.

A potential snag is that NBA by-laws prevent Sterling from transferring a controlling interest in the team to anyone. A new owner would need to be approved by the board of governors, and Shelly Sterling likely would not be approved, an ESPN source said.

The NBA this week filed charges to end Sterling's ownership of the Clippers and gave him until Tuesday -- to respond to the charges. A hearing was set for June 3 in New York, with a vote of the board of governors to oust Sterling to happen soon after. The board of governors can force a sale of the team with a two-thirds vote in support of the move.

Blecher asked for a three-month delay in the NBA's timeline, but was turned down.

It's unknown if Shelly Sterling intends to sell the team in its entirety, but NBA officials have made it clear that the only deal they will approve is a complete sale ridding the team from any Sterling family involvement.

The purported agreement between Donald Sterling and his wife first reported by TMZ.

--City News Service

Vito Spago May 23, 2014 at 08:34 PM
Must be all cash sale and no sales to Blacks.
mark Smith May 24, 2014 at 09:16 PM
If the Sterling's think they are going to pull and end run around the NBA and the other franchise owners they got another thing coming. The NBA board of governors have the final say on who buys the Clippers, nice try Donald and Rochelle, your playing in a different court and this one you can't control.
Lynn Glover May 25, 2014 at 11:37 AM
Enough about Donald Sterling already. Here's my take on this whole media field day: Today (Friday 5/23) the LA Times has published full hypocrisy as a lead story on the front page, pushing off-stage the usual left-wing, progressive columnists. They have also allowed the sports columnist, Bill Plashke, to chime in from his vantage point. This follows the continuing news weary story of Donald Sterling who is nothing but an 80 year old fool for being caught with his pants down. Nothing more need be said about him, but the politically correct crowd can't let it go as they continue to disregard the first amendment right of anyone to think or speak whatever they want as long as they don't infringe on that right of others. That freedom from infringement does not protect your delicate hearing from offense. By the way, unless there is some legal agreement between the NBA and team owners to the contrary, then the proposed action by the "humiliated" NBA is a clear violation of the fourth amendment. What must we do to stop these people? When I was a kid, as a half breed German, we were called "krauts" (I love sauerkraut too) and Italians were called wops or dagos and so on with the pejoratives. My only care was to not be called late to dinner. Whatever happened to "sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me?" Well now Mark Cuban has waded into the fray only to be derided by a sports columnist for being honest but an ignoramus, in this "enlightened" day and age. But, Cuban is totally correct when he says "we are all prejudiced in one way or another." And, for that matter, I would say viva la difference rather than we should all be alike, in spite of the very human intolerance of our differences. If you think not, you are either brain dead or a hypocrite. Hey, then you should go back to reading Dr. Seuss (remember them with stars on their bellies) and also boning up on human behavior throughout history. I don't care a tinker's damn about Sterling, but I do care what these "holier than thou" progressives are doing to tear our society apart. They need to be taught that human beings are not angels and never will be, so live with it and recognize that this great country has done the best we non-angelic humans can expect in being tolerable of our differences. As far as Cuban is concerned, my only advice is he should not even think about walking on either side of a street populated by black kids in hoodies and bald-headed white guys with tattoos all over their face, nor any other known bad part of town. So, brother, pay attention to stereotypes because there is some reason for them.


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