Charter Oak Schools Develop Plans For Success

Board approves school Student Achievement plans, although questions are raised on the plans’ effectiveness in addressing lagging test scores.

As Charter Oak schools struggle to meet and maintain scores required under No Child Left Behind, have drafted success plans to meet what school officials have deemed nearly impossible expectations.

The Charter Oak school board reviewed annual Student Achievement site plans for each of the eight schools in the district during Thursday’s meeting, but focus centered on schools considered failing under NCLB.

Under federally mandated NCLB, K-12 schools must show improvement in English Language Arts and Math proficiency for all students.

This year, 78.4 percent of students must be proficient in ELA and 79 percent in math. Next year, those requirements will jump by 10 percent in each category.

,, Glen Oak and Badillo elementary schools have missed required AYP scores.

Any school that fails to meet AYP two consecutive years are labeled as Program Improvement. At Charter Oak, Badillo and Glen Oak elementary schools are listed under Program Improvement.

Jeanine Robertson, assistant superintendent of educational services, said schools falling under Program Improvement were required to write two-year plans identifying strategies for achieving the required proficiency scores.

She cited several areas of focus for both schools, including emphasis on intervention programs and parent involvement opportunities.

Robertson said school officials at Badillo Elementary are looking at intervention programs targeting students in Kindergarten and first grade.

“They are really trying to target those grades, so they catch the problems early and focus on those issues,” said Robertson.

Other identified areas included improving communication with parents, teaching effectiveness, professional development and better use of technology.

“These schools have been working on bringing the quality of teaching to the next level than what they’re already doing,” said Robertson. “And they have been doing a good job – they’re in program improvement, but they still have been doing a good job.”

Two-year plans addressing Program Improvement would be approved in January.

However, School Board Member Don Davis said the current plans for each school, aside from Oak Knoll Virtual Academy, were not specific enough in addressing struggling test scores. He said he wanted to see more detailed descriptions of goals, rather than a “copy-and-paste” of goals from the previous year.

“Going over last year’s plans and this year’s plans, there’s very little change… ,” said Davis. “This is the site plan for the schools, so if it doesn’t have focus in the plan now, how can you execute [the improvements]?”

The board voted to approve the school plans 4-1, with Davis casting the lone dissenting vote.

Lois M. Shade November 22, 2011 at 04:55 PM
I too applaud Mr. Davis for his comments on the Student Achievement Plans presented to the Charter Oak School Board last Thursday. His comments were succinct and right on target. I must admit I was slightly surprised to hear those comments. The other board members appeared to be in shock over the split vote. Historically speaking, the first split vote I've witnessed since 2009 while attending board meetings. Keep up the good work Mr. Davis. I hope the Charter Oak education community wakes up and takes a good look.
Annie August 06, 2012 at 06:18 PM
Really? This woman just asid that for touch your heart! She asid that because she love The money,this School under orders not accept voluntary's. They use excuses for close front Of you that doors,They hate parents help, they smile
Richard October 03, 2012 at 11:09 PM
This district have to many problems,discrimination they don't care about your concern's because this board expend time on listen them employes,they want your money but not for heard you when have a complains they accept students from another's city who's not living in this area for got money from the Goverment,they cover between them them error parent's call police make report report social services make report with them until this district heard all parent's not worry when they threath you make that police report,if they said cannot do it,drive to them department make the report,they abuses of your children's keep your children's and safe school,if they tell you move you children's another school said NO they threath you and kick you out,they no want problems but they want more votes they cry for money teachers got big check teacher no be work complete days,what Davis took ?first COUSD has to fix this parents problems with school they has the right to heard them complaints teacher never said the true,
smkmstr J October 03, 2012 at 11:52 PM
Steven Hanson October 04, 2012 at 12:06 AM
It's okay, R.Vest. None of us can figure out what this person (Richard) is communicating. He posts often and is always difficult to understand. I would personally be happy to help Richard find an effective ESL class to attend so he might improve his communication skills to at least a level where we can figure out what points he's trying to make.


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