Charter Oak Approves Furlough Days, Layoffs

Charter Oak agrees to furlough days to help reduce teacher layoffs.

Expecting massive budget cuts for the upcoming fiscal year, Charter Oak Unified recently approved furlough days to help reduce the number of teacher layoffs.

During the March 1 school board meeting, the school board approved five furlough days to help reduce the number of teacher layoffs. Ten teachers will be laid off at the end of the school year.

According to Assistant Superintendent Terry Stanfill, the number of layoffs were reduced through the union-approved furlough days. Had employees not agreed to the furlough days, about 20 full time teachers would have been laid off, said Stanfill.

At the March 8 school board meeting, the board will consider concessions for all management and confidential employees.

Furlough days for classified employees have yet to be ratified, said Stanfill.

Employees receiving pink slips must be notified by March 15. More than 20 full time employees were laid off for the 2010-2011 school year.

“The state budget doesn’t give school districts much choice but to make these kinds of decisions, which impact the teachers, the students, the schools, and the community,” said School Board Member Don H. Davis. “When we make these decisions, they are not taken lightly.”

Stanfill said the district is looking at a more than $3 million cut if Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed tax initiatives don’t come through -- $1 million of that deficit coming from COLA funds that were retracted in 2012.

While the board has approved the layoffs, Stanfill said teacher retirements and larger kindergarten sizes may allow the district to rehire some teachers back.

“We’d like to encourage more parents to ,” said Stanfill. “We are enrolling students now.”

This year would be the fourth year the district has laid off employees since the 2002-2003 academic year, said Stanfill.

CO parent March 12, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Start with letting go the husband and wife swim coaches. Who are not supportive at the meets or tournaments. Both of them are never active in watching or coaching. I can say both of them especially the husband is on the phone constantly instead of watching the athletes and his shirts are well way too small. And her-she should dress more appropriately then what she has on. Lets say her shirt was too small. I think a better choice should be made and let these 2 go. I don't care if they coach Citrus or not. They must have been hired in cheap. Neither one can be at practice, let alone stay around for a full practice. Not too mention, they can't even stay around till all players athletes are gone before they are gone themselves. Another bad decision made by COUSD and COHS. Let them go. Too many people out there who would enjoy helping the swim team out,encouraging and teaching. I noticed at the Diamond Bar meet alot of CO players can't dive. That reflects back on the husband and wife team who don't obviously care nor want to teach. If you want athletes to come you need to clean up that set of coaches. Too many excuses for why they can't be there. Makes me grateful that my dtr only swims and doesn't have those 2 coaches for any other sport. Trying hard to keep her going in swimming when you have those 2 that don't care. Seems like CO likes to scrape the bottom of the bowl for these 2. Let them go and you will see a difference in swim.
miriam June 05, 2012 at 06:56 PM
this coment is for COUSD in washington elementary this school make a lot a discrimination becarefull parents please don't close your words and not let staff manipulate your,words,or the adminitration personal due anything,,they abuse with all this children's parents keep your eyes open in this school and this personal,too,please believe and your children's because they told you the true,this school liar,they close to you,they not acept any bad coment about anybody because they protect them self,but remember you have your own rights,keep your eyes open on anything call the news,and make report,not to the office they,don't care about you they believe on them only,and they make party's for make you child's happy is not true,if you decide go to the district forget it! they put your words,or concerns on the trash, in this district they believe on MONEY only,don't.
Michael October 06, 2012 at 11:40 PM
This man who speak top have interest in money is not true,than need rehired teacher because have more kids,this staff in this place bring people from another cities for receive money.is not true the kindergarten is to big.for many years school have a 25 students each class.teacher!not want more are you ask how much work teacher do in the class?teacher seat teach for a few minutes and rest.everyday school have a lot volunteers,who make free job voluntary,in the schools,another cities have more than 25 student in classroom,never said anything they know is them job,he use excuses for require more money to this district,more money received in more for him,more vacation,more benefit,best retired benefit,the salary increase,so! they hide the true,is better get work shut you speak.Terry get you gum out your mouth COUSD have a many report very bad comments for this district.What you need?is work correct no use report cry false tears for cover false histories.this board start from Joseph,got a bad API score,they usually use need money,in last 3 years,the district only require money.from us.they got a huge check more than 5000 dollar a month.parents want you show in paper a copy from all district employees salaries.said the true not use the money in thinks that are not needed STOP said school give teacher back job,is not true,you have a bad teachers in your list,you want more salary increase same your boss.what happen in Willow?what happen in Charter Oak High?What happen in Washington.


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