Back-to-School Checklist: What Parents and Students Should Remember

A list of things to remember before the first day of school.

"Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool." -Billy Madison-

Back to school is just around the corner and though none of us want to be thought of as fools sometimes we forget things.

With that in mind we have compiled a list of items from documents to desk accessories that everyone should have before starting school.


  • Before beginning the school year, parents and students should download or print out the current student handbook. The handbook contains school class schedules, principal names and important school numbers as well as the application for free or discounted student meals.
  • If your student is new to either Charter Oak or Glendora Unified School District, you must provide two proofs of residency and the address to the students former school. Acceptable proof of residency includes; gas and electric bills, telephone bills or a mortgage statement.
  • If your child is entering Kindergarten you must also provide proof of age. Age can be proved with a birth certificate, passport or a notarized baptismal record.

Health Records:

  • The most important health record this year is the Tdap vaccination. Students in grades seven through 12 must provide a valid copy (not the original) proof of immunization.
  • Other important health documents include: all immunization records, records for school nurses such as medications your student takes or carries as well as allergies. 
  • Students entering Kindergarten must also provide proof of a current physical and dental exam.

* Some peoples belief systems are opposed to vaccinations. If you are religiously opposed to having your child vaccinated, you may be able to bypass the Tdap booster. To find out how to qualify, contact your school district (see links below).

For more detailed information regarding health and other documents please visit the websites for Glendora Unified and Charter Oak.

School Supplies:

School supplies vary by age group but likely include the following:

  • Pens, pencils, markers and/or crayons.
  • Pencil case.
  • Lined paper.
  • A sturdy backpack.
  • Three ringed binders.
  • Lunch box.
  • Highlighters.
  • An organized day planner.
  • Glue sticks or tape.

Check with the students teacher for a more specific supply list.

School Clothes:

Before buying school clothes for your children make sure you understand their schools dress code regarding hemlines, shirt sleeves, product endorsements and potentially offensive language.

To save money and confusion, buy clothes that mix and match and can be made into several different outfits. Several stores including , Target and offer affordable "school uniform" lines that use plain colors with different cuts to create several acceptable outfits.

Try to encourage individuality with accessories that are appropriate in size and expression.

Steven Hanson August 18, 2011 at 04:17 PM
As a retired teacher my biggest suggestion to parents is don't overbuy supplies before school starts. I never knew a teacher who expected more of a student than to show up the first day with pen,pencil and paper. Teachers all usually have individual supply lists they give students the first day. If saving money is a concerned, wait a bit! At least until after the first day of school.


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