Who Are You Going to Vote for Diamond Bar?

It's time to get to out to vote. But do you know who the candidates are?

Find a spot on your shirt or jacket. It’s time to head off and earn another “I Voted” sticker.

Things are decidedly quieter in the race for Congressional District 39, which includes the cities of Diamond Bar and Walnut. After districts were redrawn, its current representative Rep. Gary Miller (R-Diamond Bar) decided to run for the 31st congressional district in what has been identified as one of the more heated races in the country.

The veteran Republican Congressman Ed Royce is vying for an eighth term in Congress. He lists his priorities as “addressing our national debt, protecting our homeland, eliminating pork-barrel spending, fighting crime and supporting victims of crime, strengthening education for all students, spurring job creation and strengthening Social Security and Medicare.”

His main opponent is likely to be Democrat Jay Chen, a businessman and school board member known for his effort to launch Mandarin language classes at Cedarlane Middle School. But opponents, led by Tea Party members, were angered that some of the materials to be used in the classes were being funded by the Chinese government, according to Chen’s supporters.

Chen’s priorities include “create jobs, protect the middle class, prepare our children to compete in a global community, and support and honor the veterans who have defended our country.”

D’Marie Mulattieri has no party affiliation but says she is running as an Independent. She is listed as a community volunteer. Frustration over the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission -- a decision by the Supreme Court that prohibits limits on independent spending for political purposes by corporations and unions -- inspired Mulattieri to run, she wrote on her page.

Her priorities include, “amend/reverse Citizens United, work for Wall Street/Banking Reform along with Taxpayer Protection, ensure an end to taxpayer bailouts for too big to fail banks and corporations, put America back to work, preserve our existing social safety net in Social Security/Medicare, support legislation for debt free college education and tuition loan relief, end the war on women and champion for green, renewable energy sources.

For the 29th Senatorial District, Republican incumbent Bob Huff, the Senate Republican leader, will push for a second term as state representative. He has strong connections to Diamond Bar.

His priorities include, education reform, job creation, health insurance costs, pension reform and the state budget.

His opponent is Democrat Greg Diamond, a workers’ rights attorney. He has been an active part of the Occupy movement, participating in Occupy Orange County, which serves Diamond Bar and its neighbors.

Diamond’s priorities include, “balancing the budget to pull California out of the muck of obstructionism, health and Social Services reforms that leave more money in our pockets, and demanding transparency and fairness in government -- not just serving the rich.”

Incumbent Republican Assemblyman Curt Hagman is running for reelection. He was elected to the position in 2008. 

His priorities include, transportation improvement education, the business climate in California, jobs and the budget.

His opponent is Democrat Gregg D. Fritchle, a social worker. Fritchle has worked to oppose a proposed NFL stadium in the city of Industry which would impact Walnut and Diamond Bar.

His priorities include local traffic, education, taxes, and jobs.


And then there are the candidates for US Senate. Where do I even begin? I’ve only met Dirk Konopik and Dan Hughes when both spoke to the Redlands Tea Party Patriots earlier this year. Here then is a list of candidates and links to their sites for your use.


Dianne Feinstein, US Senator

Colleen Shea Fernald, mother/consultant/artist

David Alex Levitt, computer scientist/engineer

Mike Strimling, consumer Rights Attorney

Diane Stewart, businesswoman/finance manager

Nak Shah, environmental health consultant


Orly Taitz, doctor/attorney/businesswoman

Al Ramirez, businessman

Dirk Allen Konopik, MBA Student/Military veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom

Donald Krampe, retired administration director

Nachum Shifren, educator/author/businessman

Dennis Jackson, aerospace general manager

Dan Hughes, small business owner

Greg Conlon, businessman/CPA

John Boruff, businessman

Oscar Alejandro Braun, businessman/rancher

Elizabeth Emken, businesswoman/nonprofit executive

Rick Williams, business attorney

Rogelio T. Gloria, graduate student/businessman

Robert Lauten

American Independent

Don J. Grundmann, doctor of chiropractic

Peace and Freedom

Marsha Feinland, retired teacher

Kabiruddin Karim Ali, businessman


Gail K. Lightfoot, retired nurse

Linda June 05, 2012 at 02:05 PM
My family is voting for Jay Chen! He is a veteran, businessman and local elected official who has a vision for area residents not lobbyists, unlike our current corrupt Representative Gary Miller.
Linda June 05, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Editor, Rep. Miller is running in congressional district 31 not 40.
Gina Tenorio June 05, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Thank you Linda! You are absolutely right.
Veronica Tagle June 05, 2012 at 10:56 PM
My vote is between my ballot, me and God Almighty! NOBODY has the right to influence MY vote, and that especially includes the union I have to belong to at work, who inundate my personal cell phone and work email with political CRAP!
Gina Tenorio June 05, 2012 at 11:48 PM
My house was bombarded with calls too. How often where they calling Veronica? We were getting it daily ...


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