War of Words Between Local Political Candidates Continues

Congresswoman Judy Chu has been publicly battling assembly candidate Dr. Matthew Lin over his alleged use of her image in his mailers. Lin supporters say the latest statement looks like a political stunt.

Election day may be hours away but Congresswoman Judy Chu does not appear to be letting up on Assembly candidate Matthew Lin much to his campaign’s dismay.

On Nov. 4 Chu (D-El Monte) issued a press release disputing a claim reportedly made by Assembly candidate Matthew Lin. According to Chu, Lin claims he apologized to her personally for insinuating she supported his campaign.

“I was shocked to see news reports today in which Matthew Lin claims to have spoken to me personally to apologize for the unauthorized and illegal use of my photo in his campaign mail in an attempt to deceive voters into thinking I support his candidacy,” Chu said through a news release issued Sunday.

“Matthew Lin has not apologized nor has he complied with the requests in the cease and desist letter that was sent to him at a Wednesday afternoon press conference.”

Lin’s staffers said they were puzzled over the congresswoman’s latest press release calling it unnecessary partisan politics over a non-issue. They said it had all the hallmarks of a last minute political stunt.

“Shouldn’t she be focusing about issues people care about,” one staffer said.

Dr. Matthew Lin is running for the redrawn 49th assembly district against attorney and educator Ed Chau to replace Assemblyman Mike Eng (D-Monterey Park) who terms out this year.

Chu held a press conference on Nov. 1 to announce that she was sending cease and desist letter demanding that the candidate stop using her image to imply she supports him. She has threatened to file a suit over the issue.

Lin’s campaign has done nothing but present all honors, proclamations and accolades the doctor has earned over the years, his staff said. The congresswoman presented some of them to him and the candidate has never implied she supported his campaign, according to his office.

“You and many other elected officials have been extremely kind and generous over the years in recognizing me for my philanthropic work and for my dedication to this community, so I found it fitting to make this information available to the voters of our district,” Lin wrote Chu following the press conference. “My mailers feature photos and awards bestowed upon me in their original unedited form along with a disclaimer which clearly states that no endorsement is implied. Such practice is both appropriate and lawful.”

Chu is running against business owner Jack Orswell for the redrawn 27th Congressional district, which will serve Glendora. She currently serves the 32nd Congressional District.

To see unedited statements by both candidates, please click below.

Matthew Lin letter of response to Judy Chu following the press conference.


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