Two Agencies Investigating Assemblymember Roger Hernández

Hernandez said in a statement that "no wrong doing was found by anyone while looking in to complaints from past election activities"

State Assemblymember Róger Hernández is under investigation by both the L.A. District Attorney and the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) in a case of possible money laundering, reported the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

The newspaper reported last week that the Democratic lawmaker, who is running in a district which includes Glendora, was first investigated in 2010, when Hernández was a city councilman in West Covina.

Dave Demerjian, of the DA's Public Integrity Division, told the Tribune that in June of 2010 an investigation was started in regards to a complaint alleging a questionable loan, reported in finance documents for Hernández's campaign.

Campaign documents show that Hernández loaned $100,000 to himself in 2009 and 2010. This case was referred to the FPPC, and the organization did not reveal any details about it.

A second FPPC investigation was started in 2010, for allegations that Hernández had a role in the distribution of negative campaign materials against West Covina City Council members.

Hernandez' office sent a statement to Patch on Friday saying "that absolutely no wrong doing was found by anyone while looking in to complaints from past election activities."

"Mr. Hernández has always been an advocate for the people of this district and will remain so no matter what political attacks are launched against him," the statement read.

Demerjian told the newspaper that this is not the first time that Hernández has been investigated. Inquiries for possible conflicts of interest have been done in two separate instances by the DA's office, one in connection to public records and another for possible violations of the electoral code.

However, Demerjian clarified that Hernández has never been fined or formally charged of any crimes.

Hernández is currently on trial for


Henry Macwhirr January 13, 2014 at 12:23 PM
I think it's time for someone to investigate the FPPC, which is clearly being used for corrupt political purposes. Assemblyman Hernandez became a figure of national importance last August when he authored ACR 73, a resolution endorsing the restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act by the US Congress, making California the 25th state where such a resolution has been introduced. In doing so, Hernandez was directly confronting the power of the Wall Street investment banks and threatening their seeming endless bailouts. These megabanks function like a more high-powered and sophisticated version of the Mafia, and it should surprise no one if they use Mafia-style tactics against their opponents. We should be looking into any points of contact between the investment banking community and the FPPC.


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