Photos: Gold Line Bridge Nearing Completion

The Gold Line Construction Authority released a photo Monday showing what the bridge will look like when finished, combining a real image with a rendering.

From Gold Line Construction Authority CEO Habib Balian:

As you can see in the image (above) there has been tremendous progress on the Gold Line bridge over the last several weeks. Most of the temporary falsework has been removed, slowly revealing the impressive architectural features imbedded in the structure.

To provide a preview of the final bridge, we have super-imposed the basket architectural elements onto the photo. Those elements are being fabricated in Gardena; each weave of the basket is nearly 6 feet long and weighs 800 pounds. Each basket is made up of 60 weaves, individually cast. They will start to be assembled on site in the next month.

Late night closures continue this week on the eastbound I-210 Freeway, as the falsework continues to be removed. Full eastbound closures (between Baldwin and Santa Anita) start between 11 and Midnight each night, and all lanes reopen by 5:00 a.m. the following morning.

Additionally, the Authority is excepting public comments on its Draft EIR. All comments must be received by next Friday, October 5, in order for them to be responded to in the Final EIR.


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