New Members Fill Vacancies on City Commissions, Boards

The city still seeks volunteers to fill two open spots.

The City Council appointed new members and reappointed incumbents to various city boards and commissions for terms that expired June 30.

Nine people were appointed to five city boards, including the Business Improvement District, Investment Advisory Committee, Board of Library Trustees, Community Services Commission and Planning Commission.

As the city dealt with , three committees – Beautification Committee, Trails Committee and the Historic Preservation Committee – were decommissioned.

Four new applicants vied for a spot on the Planning Commission, including Daniel Collins, Ralph Long and former city council candidates Cynthia Carraso and John Fields. However, the council voted to reappoint incumbent Cliff Hamlow to the commission.

With only three applicants applying to three available spots on the Business Improvement District, Jana Jones of and , Annette Nemeth of , and Dalel Snider of , were all appointed to the BID without a formal balloting process.

This was also the case for Thomas Clark and Mike Beckman on the Investment Advisory Committee.

The council also voted Tony Miller and Howard Hawkins into the Community Services Commission.

The council appointed Patrick Hollanders to the Board of Library Trustees, but could not reach a majority vote on the second available spot on the board. The city will re-advertise the position, as well as an open position on the Investment Advisory Committee due to the resignation of James Dougherty.

Applications for the open positions will be accepted until 5 pm on Aug. 9.

Application forms can be downloaded from the City of Glendora’s website at www.ci.glendora.ca.us or picked up in the City Clerk’s Office, 116 E. Foothill Boulevard. For more information, call the City Clerk’s Office at (626) 914-8210

Bob K. July 15, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Four new candidates vied for the planning commission and the council gives it to Cliff Hamlow again. Could we have an original thought here? I realize Cliff has provided years of service to the city, but it is really time to pass the baton. You do a disservice to this community when you refuse to train and mentor new blood for these positions. Give Cliff the Chairman of the Board of all of Glendora lifetime title and move on please.
Tony Miller July 15, 2012 at 06:24 PM
Bob, That's why we have term limits. Cliff does an outstanding job. when he terms out he will be gone, who knows what we will get then, another John Harold?
Bob K. July 16, 2012 at 04:38 PM
What does John Harold have to do with it? I did not see his name in the four mentioned above. I assume these four people had to make their way in from work for these interviews. I don't know about you, but with traffic I get in around 7pm normally. If Cliff had not yet termed out, they should not have wasted the time of these other people. The old guard keeps reminding us of John Harold, but that was long ago. As one gets older you remember the past, but not what you did yesterday. That must be what is going on here.


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