Renovations, Dog Park Amenities Planned for South Hills Park

The city plans to install new amenities, including a fitness track and a dog park.

South Hills Park, the gateway to the South Hills Wilderness area and trails system, will soon get a facelift with new amenities for visitors to enjoy.

Part of improvements implemented under the Parks and Trails Master Plan approved in June 2011, the new amenities are designed to make South Hills Park a destination park and “make a positive impact to the surrounding community,” according to a city written statement.

Previous plans for a dog park were shelved, but some interest during surveys for the Parks and Trails master plan brought a dog park in Glendora back into consideration.

The survey was based on 3,000 responses to a city mailer. While a dog park didn’t top the list of other Parks and Recreations needs or concerns, dog park amenities were included in renovations for South Hills Park.

Other new amenities include a fitness track circling the entire park, a larger playground with new equipment and swings, improved restroom facilities, new barbecue pits and shade structures.

For more information on the renovations, contact Andrea Miller at the city’s Park Division at (626) 852-4871.

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CK December 01, 2012 at 04:54 AM
Dog parks are safer than not having them. Dogs are allowed at finkbinder park and there's no fence between the playground and the dogs. This would regulate it. Sort of like taxing booze instead of having prohibition.
Ralph Long December 02, 2012 at 03:49 PM
I live near this park and am looking forward to these improvements, including the dog park, even though I do not have a dog and probably will not have one anytime soon. I have, however, had dogs in the past and visited dog parks. They are a great places to socialize for both pet and owner, not particularly noisy, not dangerous, and if the people using the park police each other (this is critical) pretty clean. As mentioned by someone else here, dogs normally bark when they are in distress, lonely, or being restrained. Barking at dog parks is minimal. And besides, the park will only be open daylight hours. The key to making this work will be working together and self enforcement of the rules. Aggressive dogs cannot be tolerated, owners must clean up after their pets (and themselves), the double gate entrance must be utilized, large and small dogs must be kept in their respective areas, no females in heat, owners must supervise their dogs. What I find a whole lot more annoying is people letting their dogs off leash on the hiking trails around here. But that's a whole different story. GOOD JOB GLENDORA!!
Ralph Long December 02, 2012 at 04:00 PM
I understand your concern but but think it be ok Amber. Before moving to Glendora, I lived in a community that had a great dog park. The dog park was part of a larger park, near a playground, next to soccer fields and next to a school. It was there for years and very well used. There was never a problem with dogs hurting the kids. Question: If not at South Hills, where would you put it in Glendora?
Lois M. Shade December 02, 2012 at 09:22 PM
During the years Glendora has been discussing the South Hills and park creation after designation as a redevelopment project area to preserve the natural integrity, various proposals have surfaced. At one point many many years ago, Dee Hupp as a Parks & Rec Commissioner had a proposal drawn up that reflected much of what is being talked about now ... AGAIN. As a reminder, the South Hills Park also included horse trails. The proposed park was a reflection of an existing park in Canada ... believe it was Toronto. It appears our government is on the verge of reinventing an existing proposal.
fam5 December 03, 2012 at 09:16 PM
I agree with Rational Ralph. Dog Parks are everywhere in the surrounding area, and if there was an increase in dog-child problems or any increased issues, they would all be shut down by their respective city and ordinances. I have not heard of that happening. For the most part, dog owners, who care enough about their pet to take them to a dog park (and not run free on mountain trails), are extremely responsible. I think everyone is making a snow capped mountain out of a mole hill, Spend more time enjoying your family and the holidays!


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