Glendora City Services Fees to Go Up

Glendora will increase the Park Development Fee and city services fees for the next fiscal year.

The Glendora City Council approved new increases to city service fees Tuesday, including fee increases for early parking permits, overdue library books, and increased registration fees for various Community Services Programs.

The raised fees were estimated to bring in more than $154,000 of revenue to the city. The fees were integral to the new also passed by the council Tuesday, said Finance Director Josh Betta. The newly adopted budget included $1 million in reductions across the city’s departments.

The fees are imposed to maintain “appropriate recovery ratios of service costs,” according to the city.

“We charge only what it costs us for service,” said Betta.

According to city documents, the changes to the fee schedule and the expected revenue are:

Increase Early Morning Parking Permits From $4 to $5  

Increase Tow Contract Franchise Fees

Increase Vehicle Impound Release Fee

Increase Overdue Fees to 25 cents a day   

Community Services Department                                                              

Increase Recreation Program Registration Fee

Increase Youth Basketball Fees 

Extend Adult Open Play at Teen Center

Total New Revenue 

Adujustments to permits were also added to Public Works, including changes  to Commercial solar installation permits.

A Parks Development Fee will also be imposed on any new commercial, manufacturing or industrial development in the city.

The new fee is $2,273 per permit, with the per permit cost for apartments and condominiums at $1,591. Any resident dwelling beyond three bedrooms or more would be assessed $200 per bedroom.

The revised Parks Development Fee is intended to assist Community Services with the implementation of its, which lays the groundwork for recreational improvements. These include upgrades to existing parks, new trails and playgrounds.

All four city council members approved the fee increase (Councilmember Doug Tessitor was absent from Tuesday’s meeting).

“In reality, these fees brings us closer to surrounding communities,” said Mayor  Gene Murabito. Murabito called the fees necessary, pointing to the city’s $1 million budget cuts.

However,  Murabito and Councilmember Judy Nelson expressed concerns that the raised fees could deter new development and involvement in community services programs.

“I think this is something we are going to have to monitor very carefully over the next year to see if this fee increase causes people to not to enroll in our classes or causes developers to not eagerly come in to Glendora to develop,” said Nelson. She cited comments  she received from seniors complaining that the increased fees could severely impact participation at the center.

“But I know [the fees] are really necessary at this time to help cover our expenses,” said Nelson.

J. T. Leos June 27, 2012 at 08:49 PM
I am a bit confused. Glendora is raising fees for City Services BUT the Summer 2012 Recreation Guide is promoting a FREE drop off program for children as young as five. "Summer activities will be conducted at the Crowther Teen and Family Center.*Youths, ages 5-6, must be accompanied by an older sibling or friend. The program includes games, sports, arts and crafts, and trips. There is no fee or registration required. Children attend on a drop in basis and are free to come and go as they choose. The Recreation Leaders do not monitor the arrival or departure of participants from the site! Parents are required to fill out an emergency contact card available at the site. Join us for the entire summer, or drop by occasionally. There will always be activities, friends, and fun waiting for you" If this were not enough of a gift, there is also a FREE lunch provided for ages 1-18! Who is playing for this? What is the liability to the City for children dropped off without monitoring the comings and goings? Is this program open to only Glendora Residents or can any parent simply drop off the kids for the day? It would appear that if the City is paying for a such a program, finances in Glendora are really not much of a problem.
Bill C. June 28, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Do you also agree with Council Member Judy Nelson that city facilitees used to feed low income children should be looked at as it feeds into a "let the government take care of me" mentality and would you also equate these programs to when you feed animals and they keep coming back? What she read in an e-mail from some resident that stated just that seemed to be correct to her based on the fact she didn't argue the stupidity of the senders words. Nelson also didn't seem to get the reason the PMA will receive a 1% raise, which was explained by the city negotiator. I don't believe Nelson has the smarts or the heart to be on the council. As a conservative with a heart and a basic understanding of math, along with the knowledge that these are times of high unemployment in a stagnant economy, I'm bewildered that this public official lacks the tact or understanding that there's a duty the government has to help out a little more now than is better times.
Lou Irigoyen June 28, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Another example of how government solves their budget problems. I think the next time I am having money problems, I will just go my employer and let them know that they have to increase my salary because I can no longer live within my means. I can already feel the boot in my pants as I get tossed out on my ear. Who will step up and put and end to this madness? You cant just keep throwing money at a runaway train. the U.S. Postal Service is an example of how one agency has basically bankrupt themselves. They can raise rates all they want to, but if a major portion of society no longer uses their services, hard luck. Same with government. You can keep raising the taxes all you want, but sooner or later, there wont be anyone left to tax. Now what?? Exactly. Fix the problem, dont just keep raising taxes.
Debbie June 29, 2012 at 02:31 AM
I'm always disappointed to see someone stoop to the level of personal attacks rather than have a vigorous discussion of ideas and issues. It was actually the HR Director who gave the summary of the MOU with the PMA. There is a distinct difference between Mrs. Nelson's understanding of the reasons given for the 1% raise (as well as all of the other financial incentives) and agreeing that it is the right thing to do in this time of budget cutbacks and layoffs. I agree with Mrs. Nelson that this is not the time for giving financial incentives. Where is the sympathy for those who now have no job? Why does the PMA not "help out a little more" in this crisis? 2% per yr. at age 50 is an extremely generous pension. It seems there may be a misunderstanding of the feeding program. There is NO QUALIFICATION PROCESS required for ANY child from 1 year to 18 years to receive FREE breakfast and lunch--lunch only at the teen center and both at Whitcomb, according to the Tribune. I fully understand helping those in need, but why are we feeding ALL children who show up REGARDLESS of demonstrated need? "We the people" are the government. I agree with Mrs. Nelson that it is not the government's place to continue to foster dependency rather than independence. ("PROMOTE the general welfare" is very different than "PROVIDE FOR the general welfare.") Those of us who do empathize with the poor & needy donate freely to various charities and food banks that serve those who are in need.
Jack June 30, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Lets see, minors dropped off and can come and go as they please. If anything happens what about the City's liability? And please don't tell me the parent or guardian signed a release. Thats only good until the first lawyer shows up to court. And if I understood City officials correctly, anybody from surrounding cities can drop off minors. So Glendora residents are paying to feed and take care of other peoples children? Are you serious? Our fees and taxes go up ostensibly to avoid lay-offs but its really to add to the dependent class. Does anybody on the City Council besides Nelson have to live within a budget? Obvisously not.
Bill C. June 30, 2012 at 06:40 PM
My point was simple Debbie. If Judy Nelson looks at this 1% as a "raise" as you do then neither of you are looking at the whole picture of what city employee groups have given back in the last few years which reach double digit concessions. To be so stupid or naive as to believe they don't deserve it is mindless. Not only that you want them to give back more, as if it's their duty and the responsibility of their families to take care of the community. I think they've done enough but people like you still whine for more which in this instance is pathetic, as was Nelson's misguided comparison of children to begging animals.
Bill C. June 30, 2012 at 06:42 PM
The program obviously should be tightened up as people have pointed out, but heartless comments by our elected officials have no place in the conversation.


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