Flags Fly at Half-Staff to Honor Wisconsin Shooting Victims

President Obama issued the proclamation Monday in honor of shooting victims killed in Oak Creek massacre.

President Barack Obama issued a proclamation ordering the U.S. flag to fly at half-staff through Friday to honor those killed in Sunday’s massacre in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. All U.S. flags across the entire United States, as well as all U.S. embassies, consulate, military installations and naval vessels throughout the world are ordered to fly half-staff under the proclamation.

The proclamation serves to honor the six people killed Sunday when gunman Wade Michael Page, 40, entered an Oak Creek Sikh temple and opened fire. Page, a suspected white supremacist who played in a hate metal band, was later killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the FBI.

All governmental buildings including public schools, city halls, fire stations, police stations, hospitals and post offices flying the U.S. flag are required to follow appropriate Flag Etiquette.


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