District Opposes Education Cuts in Federal Budget Act

Glendora Unified School District takes stance to save education from sequestration.

The Glendora Unified School District voted Monday to join the National School Boards Association in urging Congress to keep education programs out of the proposed $1.2 trillion in across-the-board cuts to federal programs in the Budget Control Act of 2011.

The act proposes an 8.2 percent cut in education over a 10-year period starting in January 2013.

“You never know what Congress is going to do. If they go over that cliff in January, it will be terrible for the whole country – my view,” said Glendora Unified School Board President Doris Blum. “If the National School Boards Association can have enough clout to get this out of sequestration before January, it would be helpful.”

The cuts would affect federally-funded programs under Title I and Title II, and special education programs.

According to EdWeek.com, Title I funding is "used to provide educational services to students who are educationally disadvantaged or at risk of failing to meet state standards." Part of the No Child Left Behind Act, it allocated $12.3 billion in fiscal year 2004 to close the achievement gap between those populations of students.

EducationSector.org reports that Title II funding provided $3 billion for schools to promote teacher and principal quality, provide staff development, and reduce class sizes.

Glendora Unified and other public schools in the country could see an estimated $2.7 billion loss from the Title I grants, special education grants for the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act and Head Start.

According to Glendora Unified documents, the proposed cuts could result in “larger class sizes, fewer course offerings, possible four-day school weeks, loss of extracurricular activities, and teacher and staff-layoffs.”

JC October 27, 2012 at 04:04 PM
So now they're going to hit our schools from the State AND Federal levels. And then, during the debate Obama tells us how we need to improve education and we've fallen behind in Math and Science. Does anyone detect an ineffective plan here? THANK YOU TO THE FOUNDATION FOR GLENDORA UNIFIED SCHOOLS (FGUS) FOR TRYING TO BATTLE THE POLITICIANS WHO ARE MESSING UP OUR CHILDREN'S EDUCATION.
Yolanda Mckay October 27, 2012 at 05:50 PM
And whose idea was the sequestration? Not Obama's. I searched Mitt Romneys website for "school funding" the results are nothing. Mitt Romney has nothing to say about school funding, His history as MA Governor shows his willingness to cut education funding, while at the Federal level Obama has increased it. And as the NYU local paper has pointed out: In the end, given the fact that only 10 percent of public K-12 education is from the federal government, one questions the extent to which the federal government can actually influence the quality education in this country. Read more: Local Explains It All: Romney Vs. Obama On Education · NYU Local http://nyulocal.com/national/2012/10/26/local-explains-it-all-romney-vs-obama-on-education/#ixzz2AWTK26Cd Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
Concerned October 27, 2012 at 08:54 PM
False, we have a democratic legislature majority. They have been cutting programs up the ying yang. Also, the bail outs Obama gave I saw were some of the school were taking Special Ed funds to pay for General Ed funds through the bail out Obama gave. So he is as much to blame. Also, since Obama talked about supposely increasing funding for schooling and in college, my families checks have been cut in college education so he lied again. They also made the loans consolidate into govt loans programs and grants.
Concerned October 27, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Finally Mt Romney ain't even in office yet. It amazes me how people continue to forget that California is democratic held. PS I am not a democrat. I am an American Independent and sick of these politicians playing games on both sides.


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