Court Decision Helps Clears Way for Glendora Homeless Woman

The California Supreme Court denies the city’s request to review Sharon Green’s unlawful eviction case against the city and Anchor Pacific Management.

Sharon Green, a 70-year-old Glendora homeless woman who waged and the management of her former Heritage Oaks apartment, may soon finally find more permanent housing.

The Supreme Court declined the city’s request Wednesday t, which declared Green’s eviction from her rental subsidy at Heritage Oaks illegal.

Publishing the case would have created a precedent for future cases, but in June, the city requested to depublish the case. , a joint enterprise with the city, was developed under the city’s now disbanded Redevelopment Agency. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, the city, which always claimed no involvement in Green’s eviction, challenged its current role in the case since the dissolution of its Redevelopment Agency.

If the court had granted the city’s request, a review of the case would have delayed Green’s return to Heritage Oaks for up to two years.

Green, 70, claims she has been homeless since her 2010 eviction, living at one point in a tent in the San Bernardino mountains. She says she is now living in a motel.

“[The city] wanted the case depublished so it will not set a precedent nationwide,” claims Green. “You cannot evict people receiving subsidies for no reason. That is what my case did. It set a precedent. To get it depublished, no more precedent.”
The city is now awaiting judgement from the Superior Court, according to the Tribune.
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SHARON GREEN August 16, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Appeal Court Rules Tenants Can’t be Evicted Without Just Cause By Lynda Carson A recent California Court of Appeal victory for a 70-year-old disabled tenant activist named Sharon Green who was evicted from her home could have an impact on similar evictions throughout California. “The California Court of Appeal for the Second District held that constitutional due process applies to an eviction from a housing unit supported by a redevelopment agency, prohibiting the tenant’s eviction without good cause,” according to the National Housing Law Project. In other words, landlords in California cannot evict renters residing in publicly subsidized housing that is funded by local governments, without a good cause, according to a unanimous ruling from the California Court of Appeal. This ruling may affect over 150,000 rental units receiving subsidies by local governments throughout the state.
Bill C. August 16, 2012 at 08:12 PM
You once wrote you don't live in town Linda, I'm at least a Glendora resident who has been made tired for years by the same people doing nothing but complain about this issue or that issue at council meetings. Asking questions isn't badgering nor is posting an opinion, what they do at these meetings is, and if you can't handle my posts don't respond. People who think like you and Sharon will never be happy, you wallow in misery and drama. There's always something wrong that the city is doing or the cops have done and it's never your own fault. You both apparently know more than cops and engineers about traffic conditions and speed and nobody can feel different. That I have dared to disagree with the courts opinion is just oh so wrong, because nobody ever disagrees with judicial decisions. As the winner Sharon just can't move on and let it go? You know be happy in her victory. Now it's all about the feeding of the homeless, and next week who knows what it will be. Like I said, when you surround yourself with the people she does, especially big mouths like Mark Smith and Ed Brubaker who attack the city every chance they get, nobody should expect anything more. Sorry Linda, your crying and the gripes of the people I mentioned will never get any sympathy from me. You should move on now, looks like this conversation has run it's course. I'm sure we'll be disagreeing on something else you unhappy people will be moaning about in the future. Oh, I'm a guy.
SHARON GREEN August 16, 2012 at 08:26 PM
[The city] wanted the case depublished so it will not set a precedent nationwide,” claims Green. “You cannot evict people receiving subsidies for no reason. That is what my case did. It set a precedent. - I want to thank the City of Glendora, City Attorney Wayne Leech and City Manager Chris Jeffers for trying to get my case DEPUBLISHED BY THE SUPREME COURT OF CALIFORNIA. The 7 JUDGES DENIED the City's request with all 7 Judges present for their decision. This strengthened my case NATIONWIDE, WHICH MEANS ACROSS THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES;-) Instead this ruling may affect over 150,000 rental units receiving subsidies by local governments throughout the state! Now it will help hundreds of thousands of rental units receiving subsidies by local governments throughout the entire United States! Thank You CITY OF GLENDORA FOR TRYING TO STOP ME! BECAUSE OF YOU PEOPLE ACROSS THE UNITED STATES WILL BE PROTECTED FROM "NO CAUSE EVICTIONS"! Keep on attacking the poor and oppressed in Glendora and see how the GOD WHO IS LOVE comes to their aide!
SHARON GREEN August 16, 2012 at 09:28 PM
If these are the people I surround myself with plus those who speak up on my behalf at Glendora City Council meetings (I believe you refer to us as GADFLIES) then I am in the most EXCELLENT COMPANY A PERSON CAN HAVE! Thank You MARK SMITH FOR EMAILING ME THESE NEW ARTICLES, FROM ONE GADFLY TO ANOTHER;-) You are one of my HEROES! A May 15, 2012, press release tells how Ms. Green lived in harsh weather after being wrongly evicted from her housing, and mentions that Ms. Green had legal assistance from her attorney's Maria Palomares, and Andrew Radel of the Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, including attorney Jolene Larimore, and legal assistance from the Western Center on Law and Poverty, with additional legal assistance from Catherine Bishop of the National Housing Law Project, and the Coalition for Economic Survival. MY THANKS TO ALL OF THE ABOVE NOBEL SOULS AND ORGANIZATIONS. YOU TOO ARE MY HEROES!
Bill C. August 16, 2012 at 11:33 PM
You know Sharon, it would be fun to see your "hero", Mark Smith, come on here and post some comments. He doesn't do that though does he? With all the talking he does at council meetings, saying nothing that ever matters, he stays away from here. According to some people he hangs out on another board where he copies things from here and posts them there and makes childish comments. Maybe this board is too adult for him. You two make a good pair.


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