County Redistricting Hearing Set for Tuesday

The county will ultimately choose from among three plans for how to redraw County Board of Supervisor seats at this initial hearing.

The county will hold the first public hearing on its redistricting process at 1 p.m. next Tuesday, Sept. 6, at the Board of Supervisors hearing room at 500 W. Temple St. in downtown Los Angeles.

The redistricting process has included the input of a Boundary Review Committee and one meeting already at the Board of Supervisors level, and the county has narrowed the possibilities down to three separate plans.

The main disagreement plan has been over whether to more radically alter the existing boundaries to include more Latino-majority districts or to keep the districts very close to how they are already drawn.

Regardless of which of the plans is chosen, Glendora will remain in the 5th Supervisor District.

However, if the board cannot come to a consensus on any one plan (which would require four out of the five supervisors to vote one way) a committee made up of representatives of the county Assessor's Office and District Attorney's office will be responsible for coming up with a plan.

The county will need to hold a second public meeting before coming to a final decision, so the plan will not be decided on Tuesday.

Those who have interest in redistricting but cannot attend on Tuesday may also be interested in a redistricting forum in the city of Pasadena next Thursday, which will include a representative from Michael Antonovich's office.


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