City Proposes Layoffs, Program Cuts to Cover $1 Million Deficit

A second community budget workshop meeting is planned tonight at the Bidwell Forum.

Needing to cover a deficit of $1 million, Glendora city officials outlined proposed cuts to each department during the first of two community budget workshop meetings.

Department heads detailed the proposed cuts to about 25 community members and city employees at the Teen Center Wednesday evening. The workshop also served as a forum for the community to offer feedback on the proposed reductions. For most departments, many of the reductions will come in the form of layoffs and reduced programming.

While the loss of the city’s redevelopment agency continued to be a source of angst for the city, City Manager Chris Jeffers said city officials must come to terms with deficit and determine ways to continue to provide quality service.

However, that includes recognizing that the city cannot do “more with less,” said Jeffers.

“We are at the point where we’re going to have to do less with less,” said Jeffers.

The Finance, City Clerk, Glendora Police, Library, Planning and Community Services departments have proposed employee layoffs within the departments.

Public Safety, which makes up more than 50 percent of the city’s budget, may see drastic cuts including layoffs of three full-time positions. However, Police Chief Rob Castro said there are a variety of revenue generating options, including increasing fees on Early Morning Parking Permits from $4 to $5, and increasing towing and impounded vehicle release fees.

Program-oriented departments such as the Glendora Public Library and the Community Services Department, will see popular series such as Opera Talks, JPL and Summer Adult Reading Club head to the budget chopping block.

In order to scale back on costs, the Community Services Department will reduce hours for the Teen Center, as well as close the center on Saturdays.

Some of the proposed city budget reductions include:

Finance Department

  • Layoff of accountant position - $53,542
  • Add part-time accounting support – Increase of $20,000

City Clerk – Net Reduction of $31,937

  • Eliminate vacant deputy city clerk position, posting of notices on City’s Website, imaging of city documents

Public Works – General Fund Reductions - $98,787

  • Eliminate vacant mechanic position - $54,787
  • Eliminate routine traffic signal control contract - $44,000

Glendora Police Department - Total Reductions - $161,558

  • Layoff one civilian full-time records specialist - $60,800
  • Layoff two community preservation officers (Code Enforcement) - $136,278
  • Backfill for detective assigned to DEA Taskforce from Asset Forfeiture Account - $25,992

Library - Total Reductions - $195,356

  • Retain current library hours (45 hours)
  • Eliminate two full-time librarian positions
  • Purchase automated check-in/out system to compensate for staff reductions
  • Eliminate delivery of youth programs to schools, preschools and daycares
  • Eliminate or reduce teen programs and leadership development programs
  • Eliminate or reduce children’s programs and Storytimes
  • Reduce children’s information desk staffing,
  • Eliminate adult and family programs (Opera Talks, JPL, author talks, Adult Summer Reading Club)

Planning Department

  • Eliminate redevelopment and housing staff
  • Eliminate one planning/environmental services position

Community Services - Total Reductions - $305,000

  • Eliminate sports turf specialist position
  • Downgrade one lead maintenance worker
  • Eliminate two part-time maintenance aides
  • Eliminate in-house tree maintenance
  • Close Teen Center on Saturdays
  • Reduce Teen Center hours

Human Services Division - $31,278

  • Reduced funds to the After Stroke Program
  • Eliminate one part-time recreation staff
  • Eliminate part-time rental coordinator.

The city will host the second of its community budget workshops tonight at 6 p.m. at the Bidwell Forum at the , 140 S. Glendora Ave.. Childcare will be provided for children 5 to 14 years old.

Pizza will also be served.

For more information, call (626) 914-8200.

Glendora Patch inaccurately reported the total reductions for the Community Services Division as $104,226. The correct figure provided by Community Services is listed above.



B.C. April 10, 2012 at 11:24 PM
Ian – I never labeled you as retarded or said shut your mouth. However, your comments about the Rec dept. are inaccurate and unknowledgeble. If you had any knowledge of how a Rec dept runs, then you would have known there are fees for all those classes you said should be cut. Participants pay for the classes they don’t get them for free, so it doesn’t matter how big the class brochure is, the cost is offset by the participant. The “cornucopia” of City staff you see in your link is over-inflated because City’s were required to report every position, whether it was vacant or partially filled. A more accurate assessment of the chart reveals that the City had over $3,330,000 of potential staff salary costs that year, but in reality, only spent 56% on staff salaries. This means alot of the positions you mentioned didn’t work anywhere near their budgeted hours, so not everything is as it seems in Johnny’s report. Several of those positions only work 4 or 5 weeks out of the year running day camps. I agree with you on many levels when it comes to the high salaries, benefit packages, etc. However, when you look at the Rec Director position and compare Glendora to the surrounding communities, the cost for Glendora’s Director is $2.97 per resident. The only City lower is Covina at $2.80 per resident. San Dimas pays $4.03, La Verne pays $3.84 and Azusa pays $3.18. So in terms of value, we do a lot better then most everyone else.
Ian April 12, 2012 at 02:33 AM
BC, you silly goose. I never said that you called me retarded - I stated that you can (as in could) call me that and it would not bother me. Regarding my "inaccurate and unknowledgeble" -ness of how Rec Dept classes are run, well, I heard you twice the second time, my friend. While the city did in fact list every possible position, filled or vacant, I was only looking at column six, wherein the city reported the actual wages paid that were subject to Medicare taxes. I didn't bother to look at who worked, "...4 ot 5 weeks out of the year...", etc, I only looked at what the city actually paid people. For the most part, I'm done beating this dead Community Services horse. Despite the (ahem) cuts that are allegedly being made, it is still, in my opinion, an over-staffed, mgmt-heavy, bloated agnecy filled with redundant positions. Ya know what also caught my attention, BC? Take a look at the PD. Now, I love our cops. I moved to this city mainly because of the cops. But take a look at column six of the police officer pay. Now, compare most of those to columns four and five. If the minimum pay is $67K, and the max is $82K, then why did some officers pull in $95K, $100K, $112K, upwards to $121K? It's not an angry or rhetorical question. It's an honest question. How did that happen?
Ian April 12, 2012 at 02:36 AM
Overtime. Duh. They made the much money because of overtime.
Bill C. April 12, 2012 at 02:44 AM
Yeah Ian, you cut positions but still have to meet minumum staffing requirements and the result is O.T. pay. That also takes place to cover when people are on vacation, call off sick, have mandatory training classes and the list goes on.
Bob K. April 12, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Well I hope the new chief is going to manage this overtime thing better. Firefighters in Nevada were using the sick time benefit to pad their pay with overtime. They would work out with one another what days they wanted off ahead of time. Even had a chart in the office that kept track of it all. I am sure this practice was not unique to just firefighters in Nevada. http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2012/mar/01/county-firefighters-use-sick-leave-falls-57000-hou/ If the overtime is managed properly, maybe they can reconsider the layoffs of two of the younger officers. Another thing underfoot in other cities is sharing police services.. Glendora may want to start negotiating this option with a few of the cities around us. (Azusa, Covina). http://www.ocregister.com/news/brea-347459-city-departments.html The county miscalculated the revenue from property taxes and now cities and schools will be getting even less. I like having our own PD too, but it may be getting cost prohibitive and unrealistic for future years. I feel sharing would be better then going with the Sheriff Dept. Baca lost me when he said the reason his guys were supplying drugs and cellphones to the inmates was due to the fact they had to take cuts in pay from the loss of overtime. It appears the culture of the dept has taken a turn for the worse.


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