City Launches Program Against Overgrown Weeds

City officials target unmaintained yards full of overgrown vegetation as public nuisances.

Are the weeds in your yard getting out of control?

Glendora city officials are initiating a Weed Abatement Program to remind property owners and lessees of vacant lots or buildings to maintain any vegetation growth on their properties, or face possible fines.

The program is to encourage Glendora residents to take care of their hazardous weeds as soon as possible. Under Glendora Municipal Code, diseased or overgrown weeds, bushes, trees, or other vegetation is likely to attract rats and other vermin, create a fire or health hazard and is considered a public nuisance.

Properties not in compliance with the city code are subject to a filing of a criminal complaint against the property owner or lessee. City officials may also file a lien against the property to recover investigative costs.

Residents can prevent hazardous weeds by watering and cutting grass regularly and trimming hedges once every two weeks, according to city officials. Weeds that obstruct pathways and have decaying fruit on the ground should also be cleared to prevent the presence of rodents and vermin.

For more information, contact the Community Preservation office at 626-852-4825


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