City Approves MOU With Police Management

Three-year Memorandum of Understanding increases some expenses, while police management absorbs retirement costs.

The Glendora Police Management Association agreed to pay the full 9 percent of their contribution towards retirement as part of a list of concessions in the three-year Memorandum of Understanding approved by the City Council Tuesday.

The MOU passed 3-1, with Council Member Judy Nelson being the lone dissenting vote due to her disagreement with increases in salaries and other items. Council Member Doug Tessitor was not present.

The MOU will be effective from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2015.

"I want to recognize that we have an outstanding police department," said Judy Nelson at the June 26 City Council Meeting. "All of our departments are facing very difficult cuts, especially Community Services and Library. With those financial problems ... this contract, which includes increases and other compensation and in pay is contradictory to all other measures the city is taking at this time."

The retirement contributions will occur in three steps, with current, sworn officers paying the first 3 percent this July, the next 3 percent in 2013 and the final percentage in 2014. Future officers will pay the full 9 percent upon their hiring.

Other concessions included a reduction in reimbursement for officers furthering their education, covering only tuition, doubles the time between step increases to 12 months and provides a second tier to the CalPERS retirement program for all new hires.

The retirement plan changes will reportedly save upwards of 5 percent from the safety payroll, officials said, with the biggest savings happening with future retirement rates with CalPERS investment earnings.

The MOU will reportedly cost the city to start, with nearly $26,500 paid through the general fund for 2012-2013. Starting in 2013, over $30,700 will be saved and nearly $44,890 is projected to be saved the following year, according to city documents.

"All these changes ... at a savings of approximately $50,000 and that doesn't include any savings that will incur over time because of the PERS amendment," said Bob Blackwood, interim human resources director. However, the actual savings will be revealed with the frequency of new hires and replacement of existing employees, according to city documents.

The MOU includes a 1 percent increase in the salary base effective January 2014. The Flexible Benefit Plan will be increased by $50 a month to purchase medical coverage during a time of rising costs, according to Blackwood.

Educational achievement pay will double; those with a Masters will see that payment rise to $200 per month in 2012, while pay for a Bachelor's degree will be established at $100 a month. Monthly pay for both will rise by $100 in 2013.


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