Chu Seeks Legal Action Against Lin Over 'Deceit' in Campaign Ads

Rep. Judy Chu (D-El Monte) has met with her attorney regarding campaign mailers she says insinuate she endorsed the Republican candidate for the 49th Assembly District.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-El Monte) announced Friday she will pursue legal action against Republican 49th Assembly candidate Matthew Lin. Chu said Lin had no right to use her photo in his campaign flyers, which imply that she, along with several other Democratic leaders, endorsed him.

Chu held a press conference Thursday castigating Lin, who will face off against Democrat Ed Chau on Tuesday. Chu and her husband, Assemblyman Mike Eng (D-Monterey Park), have long supported Chau's campaign.

"It's unfortunate that Republican Matthew Lin continues to try to deceive voters in a desperate attempt to appear to be bipartisan despite his right-wing agenda," Chu said in a media statement. “Lin is a partisan Republican, which he is clearly trying to hide with this illegal use of the Names and photos of Democratic officials in his materials.

I have not endorsed Matthew Lin. Ed Chau is the only candidate I am endorsing for the 49th Assembly District. I demand him to stop using my name and my picture to deceive the voters."

Lin's campaign fought back Friday with a statement from their attorney, Charles Bell.

“The mailers in question do not represent that Judy Chu or the other named individuals endorse Matthew Lin. In fact, Dr. Lin’s campaign made it clear that no endorsement is implied. However, the mailers contain truthful information that Dr. Lin has received bi-partisan praise for his community service to the people of Los Angeles/the San Gabriel Valley.

The threat of lawsuit is completely merit-less. Judy Chu is likely to have any lawsuit she files dismissed and have to pay legal fees for such a frivolous action. This appears to be an attempt to counter attack against the completely unlawful acts of Dr. Lin’s opponent in making public Dr. Lin’s wife’s social security number, for which she obtained immediate relief from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.”

Joy Lin won an injunction barring Chau's campaign from disseminating any materials imprinted with her Social Security number. She filed a legal complaint Oct. 26 after Chau's campaign released mailers Oct. 18 displaying her full name, home address and Social Security number.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge E. Edward Simpson ordered Chau to appear Nov. 27 regarding the injunction.


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