Chu Carries Huge Fundraising Lead in Battle for 27th Congressional District

Candidates for the new California 27th Congressional District speak out on money matters.

With the June 5 primary looming, Patch sought to ask two front-runners for California's newly created 27th Congressional District, which includes Glendora, their thoughts on the role money will play in this year's election.

As of this week, Democratic Congresswoman Judy Chu had raised $882,610, while Republican Jack Orswell raised $74,472.

Jack Orswell, Republican

Money has always been regarded as the “fuel of politics,” although my website and social media outlets have allowed me to communicate my message, “Leadership, not politics,” very cost-effectively to many voters.  Although money will always be important to the success of campaigns, I believe that the candidate with the best solutions for getting America back to work will determine the outcome of this election.

Judy Chu, Democrat

After 26 years of being in elected office, I am fortunate to be supported by many people who believe in what I am doing. I have known people from my days on the school board to city council to state assembly and now in Congress.  It has been a long time, and they’ve been able to see me in action.  Their decision to support me is very gratifying.

For individual candidates such as myself, the reporting rules are very strict.  Each donor giving over $200 must be listed, as well as their occupation and employer.  There is a great deal of transparency.

This is not the case for corporations.  Because of the "Citizens United" Supreme Court decision, corporations can hide behind Super-PACs, and donate millions of dollars without ever having to reveal who they are.  This is not right, and corrupts the political system.  This must end, and this is why I am a co-sponsor of the Disclose Act, which requires them to reveal to the public who they are.


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