Bogus Marine Soliciting Veterans Donations in Glendora

A man dressed in a military uniform is soliciting donations for The Wounded Warrior Project, but a representative for the charity say they have no record of him. Veterans charity groups warn about scammers.

Police are looking into reports that a man dressed in a military uniform has been asking for donations to support veteran charities in front of local grocery stores, but one charity says it does not make such solicitations.

The veterans group is reminding residents to remain cautious of individuals soliciting donations in public places.

On Thursday,received a report from an eyewitness alleging that a man dressed in a military uniform was claiming to represent the Wounded Warrior Project and was soliciting donations in front of

Police scanner reports on May 16 also describe a similar incident. 

When witnesses approached the man and inquired about his organization, he immediately left the scene, according to scanner reports.

Glendora Police are currently investigating the incident.

Leslie Coleman, public relations director for the Wounded Warrior Project, said the organization does not authorize representatives to solicit donations in front of public businesses.

“He is definitely not affiliated with our organization,” said Coleman. “Unfortunately, there are a number of individuals who say they [are] fundraising for charitable organizations, only to find out they are not proceeding in a scrupulous fashion.”

Coleman reminded residents to always exercise caution when donating to an organization and referred people to the organization’s website to make a contribution.

“We have many generous individuals who fundraise for us. I wouldn't want to dissuade people from donating to reputable organizations,” said Coleman. “But people need to make sure their money is going to the right place.”

JC May 19, 2012 at 04:06 PM
This guy was at the Foothill Vons a few months ago and has been at Sam's Cub, too. Amazingly enough, he produced ID when I asked to see it. This fraud artist even had an easy-up set up at Sam's, which made it look like the store had endorsed him. I think the stores where these solicitors camp themselves have an obligation to verify what they are soliciting. They may not be able to remove them from the premises, but at mimimum, they can forewarn their customers of their non-endorsement with something more than a small sign that is posted year-round in a nondescript place. In fact, to really do their customers a favor, they could have a post by the door that can be moved in and out stating, "The management cannot verify the relationship of this solicitor with a nonprofit organization." THAT would really impress me as a customer.


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