Top Glendora Stories of 2012

We look back at the most popular stories of 2012.

A large plume of smoke emerged from the foothills above Glendora, signaling the arrival of large brush fire, an accusation rocked a local high school, and the death of a beloved neighbor sparked an outpouring of local memories. We review Glendora’s year in 2012.

Brush Fire Burns Above Glendora

Over Labor Day weekend, a large plume of smoke billowing in the foothills above Glendora confirmed residents fears – a brush fire was burning in the Angeles National forest, threatening not only acres of nature, but homes as well. No injuries or deaths were reported during the nine days the Williams Fire burned, but the fire claimed more than 4,000 acres in the forest near Camp Williams and closed the park to recreationists for weeks.  About $9 million was estimated to have cost the county to battle the flames

Former Glendora High School Students Accuse Teacher of Inappropriate Behavior

Serious accusations were leveled against a well-known high school teacher, sparking heated debate within the community. A district investigation determined no misconduct, but a Glendora Police report did find evidence of “annoyance” between teacher and student.

Man Killed In Tree Trimming Accident

Many Glendora residents were witness to a horrific sight in June – a man crushed under hundreds of pounds of dry palm fronds high up a palm tree. Roberto Garcia, 35, of Glendora was killed while he attempted to trim a palm tree. Firefighters could not reach him in time before he was asphyxiated under the weight of the fronds. Firefighters had to reach Garcia’s body by ladder.

Glendora PD Searching For Reported Armed Suspect

Glendora Police received a call claiming an armed man was on the loose in a residential neighborhood in Glendora. Going on the possibility of an armed suspect, Glendora Police set up a large containment and helicopters hovered through the night searching for the suspect, much to the dismay of nearby residents.

Three Arrested in Connection to Standoff

After grand theft auto suspects crashed into a vehicle in Glendora, one suspect led authorities on a foot chase before holding a standoff in a home. Authorities used loud flashbang grenades to force the suspect out.

14-Year-Old Glendora Boy Killed By Metrolink Train

In a tragic accident, a 14-year-old boy was struck by a Metrolink Train in Covina.  Mitchal Sata of Glendora was walking along the train tracks before he was hit from behind. According to reports, Sata did not seem to be aware of the train coming from behind and may have been distracted while listening to headphones.

Major Injury Accident at Busy Glendora Intersection

A stolen car barreled through a busy intersection in Glendora, causing a mulit-car wreck and injuring several, leaving one woman in critical condition.

Frank Pastore, a former major league pitcher and Christian radio show host, was traveling on the 210 freeway on his motorcycle when a driver, a 56-woman from Glendora, sideswiped him. Pastore was ejected from his motorcycle and suffered massive head injuries. He laid in a monthlong coma, before he passed away Dec. 17. His death garnered huge support from baseball fans, Pastore’s audience and Christians across the country.

Glendora Community 'Fixture' Dead at 64

Mark Ryan was not a celebrity, but in the eyes of generations of Glendora residents, he was. Ryan was not a city official, neither did he hold a high position within the city. He never even had a job. Ryan was simply the person who loved his city, who was always around town and knew residents on a first name basis. And when the 64-year-old passed away, residents felt an irreplaceable void.

Readers’ Choice

Jail Escapee Discovered During Search for Another Suspect

In one of 2012’s most bizarre stories, an arrestee somehow disappeared from his locked holding cell, only to turn up later during a search for another suspect. Arthur Jay Guerrero, 24, was arrested Nov. 6 for obstructing a police officer and false registration of a vehicle. When officers left him in his holding cell, Guerrero managed to squeeze himself through an eight-inch tall opening at the top of the booking cage door to escape. Two weeks later, authorities discovered Guerrero as they interviewed residents while searching for another suspect.


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