Suspected Drunken Driver Crashes into Baskin-Robbins

Arcadia man loses control of his Mercedes and winds up inside the ice cream shop.

Glendora Police arrested an Arcadia man Wednesday on suspicion of driving under the influence after the suspect collided with another car, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a Baskin-Robins ice cream store at 856 E. Route 66, Glendora.

Lt. Brian Summers identified the suspect as Rodrigo D’Silva, 26. According to a preliminary investigation, the suspect was traveling on S. Elwood Avenue in a 2003 Mercedes at 4:50 a.m. when he ran a red light at the intersection with Route 66 and broadsided a car before crashing into the ice cream store.

The suspect car wound up into the inside of the ice cream store, Summers said.

Fortunately, the store was closed at the time.

D’Silva was not injured, but the driver of the other car received minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital, Summers said.

A Glendora building department official investigated the damage, Summers added. A call to the ice cream store on Wednesday went unanswered.


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