Drunk Driver Knocks Out Power at City Hall, Police Department

Back up generators immediately restored power at City Hall and the Glendora Police Department.

Power to and the was knocked out briefly Sunday morning when a drunk driver backed into a utility pole.

The accident occurred at 4:46 a.m. in the 1000 block of Glendora Avenue. Police arrested Anthony Baca, 34, of Glendora of suspicion of drunk driving, said Sgt. Matt Egan.  

Back up generators quickly restored power at City Hall and the police department, although Southern California Edison reports that at least 1,000 customers lost power for about 30 seconds.

Donald Shade July 19, 2012 at 06:00 AM
Linda Mansour July 19, 2012 at 08:57 PM
Ok, I can see at times posting just disappear...so this is a test!
SHARON GREEN July 19, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Anchor management co sued me! I fought back and won! My 2 attys are pro bono and have not received one dime YET, BUT THEY WILL FROM ANCHOR PACIFICA MANAGEMENT CO. because the loser must pay the winners attys fees. The attorneys continue to drag my case out from Oct 2009 until the present day! The City of Glendora claims they are not involved in my lawsuit yet CITY ATTORNEY WAYNE LEECH got the City a very expensive lawyer to represent the City using the tax payers money to try to get my case UNPUBLISHED. My case set a precedent nationwide. If it is UNPUBLISHED my case will only help people in Glendora from being evicted for "NO REASON"! The only ones wasting the tax payers money and bogging down the already overloaded court system are the CITY OF GLENDORA AND ANCHOR PACIFICA MANAGEMENT CO/ANDOVER GLENDORA ASSOCIATION! My case# with the City is S203485 in the Supreme Crt in San Francisco. My case Anchor Pacifica VS Sharon Green in the Appeal Superior courts in LA is #10U00127. Both Anchor Pacifica and the City have failed to comply with the Apr. 23rd ruling that my City rental subsidy and apartment at Heritage Oaks be reinstated. You are quite right they are sipping margaritas and enjoying life getting richer off the backs of the poor! I have not asked for one dime from either the City or Anchor Pacifica! They seem to behave as though they are above the law by not complying with the ruling of the three Judges who unanimously ruled in my favor;-)
SHARON GREEN July 19, 2012 at 09:02 PM
You also have the right to remain silent, please use it!
SHARON GREEN July 19, 2012 at 09:09 PM
This is a post on the Glendora Patch article that printed only the FACTS OF MY CASE ANCHOR PACIFICA VS SHARON GREEN. 3 Judges ruled my apartment and CITY RENTAL SUBSIDY be reinstated. I met this woman one time and do not remember her. THANK YOU VIRGINIA FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO COMMENT. Virginia Johnson 2:29 pm on Sunday, July 1, 2012 I met this wonderful woman Sharon Green while camping recently May 2012, at Mountain Lakes Lytle Creek. Sharon is outspoken but in no way mentally incapacitated. She spoke eloquently about her situation while we were in the Laundry room and it was I that started a conversation. She just doesn't blurt things out if you are not interested. Sharon had just found out that the Judge had just ruled favorably on her appeal to get her apartment back. (this will be after Glendora City 4th, 5th or 6th, Appeals of course). Getting her home back will take awhile and I hope she has Guardian Angels watching her back. I also am a big fan of the "Patch news service", especially SouthGate.Patch with Editor Alejandro De Haro, and am glad they also have a Glendora branch. Virginia from South Gate Ca
Virgil July 19, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Sorry Ms. Green, I called shotgun on that admonition first you will have have to pick a new one. BTW, If that guy who knocked down the power pole realized that his actions would have given you a forum he would have taken a bus.
Linda Mansour July 19, 2012 at 09:17 PM
Third try....John, I'm sorry I didn't reply to you sooner I must have been busy with my life. Lol...Regarding statistic, The findings of the City Traffic Survey in July 2008 was 85% of the traffic was speeding. You can find out for yourself if you even care? But of course, (Jon Kasper) "Most people" (There at Heritage Oaks) "Here don't care about" (Sharon's) "your video or article." I consider that they really do not care about the survey, possibly not even that someone died due to a traffic problem. I know you really do not care that Sharon was evicted, but guess what not everyone feels about her the way you do. I wonder if your mother lived at Heritage Oaks when the electricity went out? I was living there, an shared my cell phone with residents, Sharon called the power company. The technician said they wounldn't have known if she hadn't called. I was standing next to him when he said that. So I know she was a concerned resident, caring for others. I never saw management that day maybe they were "sipping margaritas?" (John)
Linda Mansour July 19, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Jon, even though people have flare-ups with their health conditions that are so painful at times they can not walk. On good days they can dance, which is adviseable. It's called exercise! I knew Sharon before her accident, an after I was aware of her conditions. If you want to consider her a liar I need to tell you, your just wrong. She is one of the most honest people I've ever met!
Linda Mansour July 20, 2012 at 01:15 AM
Virgil, I didn't say I will never see 25 mph limit on Glendora Ave, so I do not understand why you say I'm correct? Then you add, "for good reason." Your comment next I didn't get either, since nothing is "just for you" (me) "and Ms. Green" you are correct to say "it's just dumb." But I'll apply that comment to the idea of it not being important to care about a traffic problem. An to suggest that we do not have the right to freedom of speech is wrong. I liked your statistics your preception until you actually overlooked what it was I really said. I'm wondering when the next survey is scheduled to happen, I only know of the survey in 2008? With many more accidents an speed being a problem it may make sense to lower the speed there. Especially to help avoid peoples lifes being lost due to a traffic problem.......So you see this is not just about myself an Ms. Green. We are only a few of the people that would like to see the speed posted at 25 mph. Of course, nothing happens over night with all the red tape...... Just never say never especially if it's for a good cause to help save someones life....... I know what it is to loose a loved one to a traffic accident. My husband was killed by a hit an run accident in October 2006....... Please keep your police admonitions to the arrest of criminals, since to suggest "you have the right to remain silent." in my opinion this is not a..... LOL ......matter. This is a serious concern and should not be joked about!
Bill C. July 20, 2012 at 05:12 AM
Who made you the judge of what you can and can't joke about Linda? In reality I don't think Virgil was joking and knowing of the expertise he brings to the discussion, I'll take his thoughts over yours and Sharon's any day of the week. You've posted nothing but opinion and have no background on the subject that makes it anything but that. Like I said before, the jokers are people like Sharon, you and the other people who act out the same boring routines at council meeting after council meeting. Whatever sympathy Sharon hoped for was squandered with her choice to constantly put forth the same repetitive crap as if people didn't understand her the first time she spoke. That her ego is apparently so massive she has to go through the same actions here is telling. Keep talking though Linda, it's your right, just like it's mine and others to respond if we feel like it. Bottom line though is neither of you are getting anywhere that matters.
SHARON GREEN July 21, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Statements from article in San Gabriel Valley EXAMINER News Article titled: DUI Driver in Glendora Knocks Out Utility Pole - GLENDORA - ANOTHER DUI driver has taken out ANOTHER Utility pole in the area. Further on... Nearly 2,000 customers, including the police dept, had their power out. My comment in reference to the first power pole downed by a drunk driver at 1000 Glendora Ave. It took over 3 days to fix and crews from Edison, Verizon and Cable Co. for Heritage Oaks SENIOR Apts (55 and over). The cost for that accident was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The article said the cost to the first accident involving the Utility pole could be over $200,000.00! I intend on posting photos of that accident on my facebook because the family inside the house could have been killed or seriously injured or both! Fortunately the family was safely evacuated from the house by the Glendora police. The accident happened 9 (NINE) DAYS AFTER THE SPEED LIGHT SIGNS WERE INSTALLED BY THE CITY OF GLENDORA. THIS IS THE 2ND POWER POLE HIT SINCE THE SPEED LIGHT SIGNS WERE INSTALLED AT 1000 GLENDORA AVE! Lowering the speed limit would not stop the speeding drivers! It simply would SLOW THEM DOWN! The City did a 2nd Traffic Survey and it was headed by Police Chief Montoya, City Manager Chris Jeffers and a new City Engineer. By the time the meeting was held I and "MY FRIENDS" were in court over my eviction and not one person attended the meeting. Copies available to public.
Cindy Pratt July 21, 2012 at 07:25 PM
Oh give it a break Sharon. Nobody here, besides your friend Linda, really cares about your eviction or your traffic accident. Move on. Im starting to believe what some of the others on this broad have said and that is that the management company of the place you were evicted from probably had a pretty good reason they wanted you out. And for someone who is suppose to be "homeless" you are spending a lot of time on the Internet. Wonder who is paying for that? Probably us tax payers just like we will end up footing the bill for where you end up living.
Bill C. July 21, 2012 at 09:34 PM
I think Patch should do a story on our three gadflies Sharon, Mark and Ed. Bet that would be pretty funny. Sharon would talk about her accident and eviction, Ed would scream about getting the finger and being called butt boy and Mark, well nobody could understand Mark so it wouldn't matter.
Fred G July 22, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Only Ms. Green can turn a Drunk driver article into something about about her! When my Dad died my Mom could not pay the hospital bills and afford to live on her own, so my Brothers and I paid the medical bills and my Mom come to live with Me and My Family, not on government hand outs. Ms. Green talked about her grand kids, why should I have to pay her living expenses instead of them? I work hard for my money and resent supporting Ms. Green, that is her families job.
Linda Mansour July 22, 2012 at 08:23 AM
Hello, I'm back from my busy life! All joking aside, (Bill C.) no one made me judge. I wasn't appointed unlike the three Judges regarding Sharons eviction. It's just too bad that not everyone who was evicted around the same time as Sharon didn't know their rights. Seems some people get blindsided, caught unaware (Bill C.) that could be you. You could have a harmful consequences, especially traveling like others on, or near the 1000 Blk. of Glendora Ave.. I respect Virgils expertise an his opinions, as I do everyones! However, your comment "nothing but opinions" just what is it your giving? It's my consideration some of your opinions may be "repetitive crap." An your ego as well as your attitude may be massive. However, thank you for stating, "Keep talking though Linda" I'm really happy you figured out it's my right. It doesn't require an invitation too speak here, the "Bottom line though is neither of you (Cindy Pratt) are getting anywhere that matters." Your views obstruct the real issues, with you an your friends attempt to do Character Ass/ass/ination on Sharon. With your evasion techniques you are distracting people from what really matters. It may be your own"boring routines" keeping people from speaking up. I know a lot of people read this, an watch City Council Meetings that are new an, or maybe they've missed something. Repeating can help bring them up to speed, which is the actual issue here!
Bill C. July 22, 2012 at 02:31 PM
No, the same tired speech on the same issue given by the same person meeting after meeting is idiotic. Your point was made the first time move on. Sharon could have given that speech once and given the results of her appeal and end of story. As for my opinions, they are no different than Virgil's and your take on them doesn't matter because you come off no different than Sharon and her pals and only a very few people in town seem to care what any of you think. Now we can all look forward to the next council meeting and hearing from The Three Stooges again which, speaking of egos, apparently feeds theirs.
AJ July 22, 2012 at 05:04 PM
First off, I'd like to say that I believe Mrs. Mansour and Mrs. Green have good intentions. And that's about all they come to the table with, good intentions. Mrs. Green and Mrs. Mansour, according to you "Public Safety" and "speeding drivers" are the problem. I'd like to point out that your logic of how to fix "Public Safety" and "speeding drivers" is a little off, and by a little I mean a lot. Instead of trying to fight the city constantly and go against the grain, maybe you should go with the grain and be productive to come up with a solution to fix the so called "problem". From the expertise and input that Mr. Virgil has brought to the discussion, its pretty obvious to most that a 25mph sign isn't going to happen; so constantly bringing it up is a waste of time and effort on your part. Here's an idea, maybe we should just put in a swinging arm like at railroad crossings? When someone wants to exit the Oaks Apts the arm swings down with red flashing lights. Hell, why not a siren while were at it? Now, I know that probably isn't constructive either, but at least its something different and more creative than what you've come up with. This point has been brought up many times before but maybe repetition might help the idea sink in. From Lulu: "A drunk (driver) is not going to slow down because the speed limit is 5 mph. They are IMPARED and will do what they want because they are not coherent to know what is going on around them."
AJ July 22, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Let alone actually read a sign! Again, the sign alone isn't going to help. If either of you do end up finding a law or ordinance stating that the city is required to post a sign because you demand it on the comment section of the Glendora Patch, please let me know. I'm tired of my neighbors parking in front of my house and would like to put up my own sign. Mrs. Green, your logic of using your past accidents and problems to support your arguments is not helping you. Instead of complaining about your misfortunes and expecting someone else to do something out of sympathy, maybe you should try using the knowledge you gained from the situations (if any) and use it to be (here's that word again) productive. Just because you make a big hulabaloo every time something happens to you and the Glendora Patch or SGV Trib. picks it up, doesn't mean you've got the authority to go around demanding things. As for your constant problems with the city and the management of the Heritage Apts, it is true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease; but if it continues to squeak it gets replaced, or in this instance, asked to leave. The management at the Heritage Apts kicked you out for a reason that you obviously can't see, but to everyone else reading here its pretty obvious. My question is why would you want to live where you're not wanted? Why not move to San Dimas or La Verne where they have the 25mph signs posted and you can be happy as a clam.
AJ July 22, 2012 at 05:09 PM
Mrs. Mansour, the same goes for you. If San Dimas and La Verne centers have the demanded 25mph signs posted in front that you both so heavily desire, than why don't you move there? I'm sure they would be delighted to have you and Mrs. Green. Maybe even give you a 2-for-1 "senior" special. In regards to your comment to Mr. Bill C. asking "why are you still here do you need to get a life?" I think both, you and Mrs. Green, should take your own advise and go get some sort of job or hobby to keep yourself busy rather than constantly posting your BS drama on the Patch. I hear Wal Mart needs more greeters.
Kenny Diane Jones July 22, 2012 at 07:26 PM
Sharon & Linda.....trying to get a 25mph speed limit in front of the Oaks is not going to happen. Nobody is going to go 40mph and then slow to 25mph on the curve and then speed up again to 40mph. The only way that would happen is there was a school there instead of the over 55 apartment building...and BTW that's all it is....an Apartment complex for people 55 and over period. I live at Heritage Oaks and if I happen to pull out of the driveway and get hit by someone then it is my fault. There are people coming out of that driveway that are all ages..25, 35, 45 or 95...doesn't matter what age they are...it is their fault. Like I said..if there was a school there instead, then a 25mph sign would be OK.
Linda Mansour July 22, 2012 at 09:11 PM
AJ, thank you for at least noticing there is good intentions. You have some valid points, yet; you fall into the same mold, like peas in a pod, that like to give personal advice. I do not live in Glendora, I volunteer am doing a lot to have a busy an purpose filled life. Yet: anything again to avoid why we're here with intention, as Virgil stated on July 17th with his expertise it's about the, "distance and speed thing", admits "speed kills." There are a lot of ways an reasons to die as we know everything can become a risk. Even taking in a movie, which was shocking! As some comments I've read, (Mr. Bill C.) I'm so happy you spoke of the "Three Stooges again", why because it appears you learned from your superior, a certain Council Member. He uses the same evasive techniques, to avoid issues is willing to lower himself showing his true colors. Many people including (Cindy Pratt) July 21st her comments revealed how heartless an insensitive she could be. Thanks, (Cindy) since you made that point very clear. As for tax payers money a lot is wasted on accidents. It's too bad that they are happening so often on, an near the 1000 Blk. of Glendora Ave., an that there was a death in June 2007 in front of Heritage Oaks. As I stated the hit an run accident that killed my husband in October 2006, is not for sympathy. Not to change minds, but that you understand why I care. It's not just about me an Sharon, I'm not the only one that cares about her. Subjuct is speed!
Linda Mansour July 22, 2012 at 09:31 PM
Kenneth Jones regarding school zones, it is so important to protect children. We can slow down an then speed up, obey the posted sign to avoid serious injury or death. Yet; when there is a pattern of accidents happening it is no longer about age. I felt Virgil's advice to exit Heritage Oaks only to the right was interesting. Why, because I use to do this, even if I was needing to go left! Sometimes I'd hold my breath until I was safe on my way, it had to do with the distance an speed factor. People driving fast can see us there, know we have a problem exiting an still would rather speed. Giving no consideration to anything but what they are in a hurry for. We have heard of the events of Heroism in the Aurora, Co shooting. Consider, would you or could you in fact throw yourself on top of someone to save their life? This issue of lowering the speed an enforceing the law, is to help avoid fatal accidents. There were parents living in Ronwood that shared their concerns for their young drivers. Sons and daughters, teens are not considered children, so lets let them keep their risk factor going. Some people may not like the idea of being forced to travel in directions away from a problem, just to avoid that there really is one. Also, they may not like holding their breath.
Virgil July 22, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Linda, Linda, Linda (and Sharon)...........the speed limit can't and should not be arbitrarily changed to suit you or anyone else's whim. Just when will it sink in? DING DING, I know......never.
Bill C. July 23, 2012 at 12:18 AM
Linda, this will be my last response to you because you're obviously dim and just can't grasp the obvious. I have no superior on the council. It appears you're talking about Doug Tessitor, a man I've met only a few times. This is how you get though when you listen to people who have all the smarts you do, you get things wrong. Smith, Brubaker and Green think their role in life is to run down the city and teach all us lesser people about city government. I and others think they don't know what they're talking about, and that you would mention a council persons behavior without mentioning Brubaker's shows what you're all about. I'm not going to soften how I think for anyone, so you be happy in your ignorance while others laugh at you and The Three Stooges.
Linda Mansour July 23, 2012 at 10:12 PM
AJ From LuLu " A drunk (driver) is not going to slow down because the speed limit is 5 mph. They are IMPARED and will do what they want because they are not coherent to know what is going on around them." If people are given permission to drive fast in a potentially hazardous area like in front of Heritage Oaks. That is what they do because they want to, an some people need more warning. These are people that speed no matter, an they need to be reminded of what's ahead. They need to be told what, why an how to do somethings. For instance, to be given a precaution, on a down slope, and a blind curve that has a community of Senior residency immediately following this condition. I believe your advise about "go get some sort of job or hobby" has no bases as to the problems on, or about the 1000 Blk of Glendora Ave. And, it is not your business as to what keeps me busy! Your advise regarding "question law or ordinance" was actually more on track to the issue. As for Sharon's circumstances in life that have been very unfortuniate you really know nothing about her, or the ages of her grand kids to suggest they care for her. I haven't seen or heard her "demanding things." An, question "why would you want to live where you're not wanted?" Just like the blacks when they were not wanted, an let's not forget how we don't want the homeless people. It's a reality people are different, as well as their circumstances.
Pat July 24, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Sharon, I know who you are. You had a home made poster in your hands and were on your rickety soap box asking if I could put your sign in front of my house. When I said no, several times, you stormed off in a tizzy. People like you are never satisfied. You win $10,00 for example, you're the type that goes on a crusade demanding $20,000, and will file lawsuits all over the county and state, and bothering innocent bystanders to your 'plight.' Let's put the shoe on the other foot. I don't know how many times some blue hair that has no business behind the wheel of a car has barreled through an intersection, driveway or crosswalk and came thisclose to hitting me and my dog, oblivious to anyone or anything around them. What if Granny hit a little kid, or better yet, another Blue Hair? Would you even care? I doubt it, as that would deflate your illusions/delusions of self-importance, and hinder your 'cause.' By the way, were you squawking and being shrill when that old man plowed through the Santa Monica Farmer's Market, killing 11 people several years ago? You're nothing but a chronic complainer, and when I approach that stretch of Glendora Avenue, I'm going to adhere to the posted speed limit, not Sharon's speed limit. So sue me. Neener, neener, neener.
AJ July 25, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. You have a few valid points however you fail to see the bigger picture. No one is giving people "permission" to drive faster than the posted speed, they do so at their own risk of receiving a ticket or getting into an accident. Your right "These are people that speed no matter". So you basically just disputed your own argument; no matter what the speed limit posted is, no sign big enough or bright enough will MAKE people obey the law. Drivers are always going to do what they want to do, wither they're breaking the law or not. As for "some people need more warning", in case you were unaware our society has progressively enacted laws to follow while driving. Its titled the California Vehicle Code and receiving a notice or "ticket" is our society's way of "warning" each other that they are not conforming to what's best for everyone. Yes, you can argue that the speed limit currently posted in front of Oaks is not what's best, but is it best for the majority or the minority? When questioning that, you would have to follow the previously mentioned comment by Mr. Virgil: "Limits are based on a speed survery. The type of development(s) along the roadway, accident history and road configuration." And as for the last part of your argument "They need to be told what, why an how to do somethings" I believe that's called driving school and every person has to pass it to get a drivers license.
Linda Mansour July 27, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Bill C. did you think I was away crying since you said, "be happy in your ignorance while others laugh at you and the Three Stooges?" I see you know the council person Doug Tessitor, so you know how low he will stoop down when he can't handle what people have to say. Which don't forget is their right, just like your opinion of my being ignorant. Yet, I never said that I agreed with anyone, especially I do not agree with (Pat) an her "neener neener neener' childish taunt! As so many of "You People" seem to enjoy, again to avoid the real issues, you destract people with these kinds of confusion. An really, all you do an over an over is to slander Sharon. (Pat) I would not have just "stormed off in a tizzy" of course this is hear say, no I would have run! Why, because with your childish games you may next plan to throw rocks...seems I heard something about that happening outside of Council Meeting. The issues are speeding cars, accidents, injuries and avoiding more deaths, on or about the 1000 Blk. of Glendora Ave. I wonder what warrant study Speed Survey was done on Ada Ave. to warrant speed humps installed there?
Virgil July 28, 2012 at 12:04 AM
Ada and Glendora Ave are two very different roadways. You can't compare apples to oranges here either Linda. But, so you will maybe understand the speed humps on Ada here is a short history lesson for you. When you have a street with the configuration of Ada, specifically between Glenwood and Cullen, a speed survey is not needed for radar speed enforcement. In response to a long standing problem with vehicles traveling too fast in the RESIDENTIAL area the PD worked radar speed enforcement and placed the mobile radar speed limit trailer on the street as a reminder. When all was said and done traffic would slow down for a while but then the cycle repeated itselt. As a way to mitigate the problem more permenantely the addition of the humps was considered by the traffic safety commitee and deemed appropiate. Since then, the issue of vehicles traveling too fast and neighborhood complaints have dropped off the PD radar. The PD can then move on to other pressing needs. The 1000 Blk of S. Glendora Ave has two permenant radar speed signs and the PD continues to work radar speed enforcement. Again, apples to oranges thing.......Glendora Ave is not like Ada and vice versa.
Concerned Father September 03, 2012 at 05:54 AM
Gary, We slow traffic for kids why not slow it for the other end of society which often needs our help?


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