Alert Bank Staff Prevent 9/11 Scam

An older male was asked to remove $9,000 from his bank account in Glendora in order to receive a large settlement, but suspicious bank officials intervened and contacted police.

Glendora Police again warn residents to be aware of fraud aimed at the elderly.

A recent fraud involved a man telling the victim he was eligible for a large settlement from a relative who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

It started on Monday in Pasadena when an older man came into contact with two scam artists in Pasadena. One of the men approached the older man and told him he had a large settlement coming. The other man participating in the fraud pretended not to know the scam artist.

The second scam artist removed money from his bank as a supposed act of good faith. Then the victim was asked to remove $9,000 from his bank in order to qualify for the settlement money.

Glendora Police did not have a figure of how much the man was promised in return for the $9,000.

The three men drove to in the 2100 block of East Route 66. Several employees became suspicious when the victim tried to remove the large sum.

They contacted police at approximately 1 p.m. and the two scam artists fled. No money was lost, said Glendora Police Lt. Joe Ward.

But police are concerned that this sort of thing could happen again.

In a recent scam, a caller tried to obtain. That scam failed after the couple called police.

Police are warning residents to be cautious about individuals asking for large sums of money to help a relative or obtain a large settlement.


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