Tell Us: Should There Be More Focus on Mental Health Laws Following Sandy Hook Shooting?

After a mass shooting, the first issue that comes up for debate is gun control. But how should mental health issues be addressed?

The country is still in shock over the Dec. 14 massacre in Connecticut and already the debate on gun control has kicked into high gear. Often lost in the debate are questions about mental health issues and laws that address them.

Authorities say Adam Lanza, 20, shot and killed his mother that morning and then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School to commit the horrific killing spree before killing himself. According to initial reports, Lanza appeared to have had some mental problems prior to the shooting, but it is difficult to say that it would have predicted this.

Some mental health advocates are pushing for more mental health support and resources at schools to help at-risk kids, suggesting that mental health legislation would be an easier sell at Congress.

Rep. Grace Napolitano, D-Santa Fe Springs, issued a statement addressing the need for more mental health legislation following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

"We must all work together to secure and protect the federal funding needed to carry out mental health services and programs for all Americans," said Napolitano. "We must ensure that mental health support is made available for all children, their families, first responders, and the community of Newtown to help deal with this tragic event.”

How should mental health issues be addressed? Is there a need to secure more funding for mental health services and programs?


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