Chinese New Year Foods For Good Luck

Families celebrating Chinese New Year often spend the eve of the holiday eating delicious Chinese dishes for good luck. Find out which dishes – according to legend—you can eat today for a prosperous year of the Dragon.

Monday, Jan. 23 is the official start of the Chinese New Year. But on Sunday, Jan. 22, families gather together on the eve of the Year of the Dragon, to eat a hearty meal of foods to bring good luck and fortune.

Many other cultures and places celebrate the Chinese New Year, including Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and also in Chinatowns around the world.

Go ahead, usher in the Chinese New Year with some of these lucky dishes!

Long Noodles Mean a Long Life!

Long noodles symbolize longevity and are always a staple of Lunar New Year feasts. Stirfry the noodles with oyster sauce and vegetables, but never break them into shorter strands!

Sounds Like Grandchildren Are in the Future

Looking to make the subtle suggestion to your kids that you want grandchildren? How about making some sweet and sour pork? The Chinese like foods that sound familiar to pleasing words. The Chinese word for “sour” sounds like “grandchildren” in Cantonese.

Fish for a ‘Wish’

The Chinese word for ‘fish’ sounds like wish and abundance. Serve a steamed whole fish for an abundant new year.

Nian Go

These sweet and glutinous rice cakes are considered auspicious during the New Year. A Chinese New Year banquet is never complete without the traditional Nian Go. It has long been considered lucky because the name sounds like "higher year."


The sweetness of oranges or tangerines symbolize luck and wealth. That is why oranges are often served at the end of a meal.

For more tips on planning a Chinese New Year feast, click here.


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