What Would You Like to See in Glendora’s Downtown?

Tell us what would attract you to shop in the downtown Village Center.

Part of Glendora’s history before it was incorporated as city in 1911, the downtown Village Center has long been the city’s historic core.

Reviving and improving the city’s Village Center has been the.  

The beginning of 2012 saw closures of popular downtown businesses such as .

But with vacancies, the downtown is also seeing some new faces. New owners Joyanne Postajian and Jana Jones and reopened the store in January after it closed a month earlier.

The Business Improvement District has coordinated events such as the and to increase foot traffic through the Village Center.

So tell us, what businesses would draw you to shop in the city’s downtown Village Center? What would you like to see in your downtown? What do you like about your downtown? What do you think it can use more of?

Tell us in the comments section what would make the perfect downtown shopping district for Glendora.

Art February 10, 2012 at 01:59 PM
I agree that you can't live off nostalgia. Less real estate shops, stores aimed at our youth and later hours. Also, something needs to be built on the eyesore that is the corner lot on Bennett and Glendora Avenues. Perhaps a donut/bagel shop like they have in La Verne? . Art
Janelle February 11, 2012 at 06:41 PM
The only place for a large group of people to sit in the Village ( is in the Center of the Village, East side)....also has 'nothing to look at'. Have been asking for a long, long time for the City to put in a large Waterfall, that of course re-cycles. That way you could shop, eat, then rest in that Park-like setting - then start shopping & eating again. Fantastic draw for the businesses with the trees & benches and space already there.
GAYL SWINEHART February 11, 2012 at 10:11 PM
It would be great if The Village could become a “Restaurant Row”, of sorts. There are some locations available that would make beautiful restaurants but very expensive to convert with the cost of utility hookups, rest rooms to code and so forth. The City of Glendora was willing to help new business locate in the Village but now with the loss of the Redevelopment Agency and the funds allocated to economic development, the investment to locate those business’ falls completely on the property owner and the new business. I love the idea of a weekly street fair, but again, costs for such an event is shocking. The BID needs to pay an organizer to manage the event and there is a very large charge from public works to close the street. In addition, there is a charge from the police department for the extra security needed for this event. So, costs to put on such an event exceed $5000 each week. Here are some shops that I would like to see come to the Village; Upscale restaurants, bike shop, skate shop, Van’s or other brand shoe store, hat shop, western wear shop, record store/vintage stereo, Cinnabon, Levi or jeans store, Radio Shack, toy store, maybe some type of entertainment (live productions: plays, concerts, comic shows, afternoon matinee for kids).
MonroviaKat February 12, 2012 at 05:35 AM
I would like to see a stronger investment in landscape design. The bus depot design is a bunch of bricks baking in the sun. I surely haven't been hanging out there. A 'green street' would be a wonderful change. It would encourage more walking, people out sitting on the sidewalks, enjoying the company of others (who wouldn't want to be a part of that), economic growth, recycling water, solar, edibles in the empty lots, and that would attract hipster attention. Right now it is a street with cone shaped trees and some stores where everyone knows your name. A few parades pass the time. It can be more than just that. There is a story to tell and sell. Go big Glendora!
Janelle February 12, 2012 at 06:00 AM
The bus depot, 'baking in the Sun', is the very spot I was talking about to put a large re-cycling fountain. I agree, right now it is an excellent space to utilize - but it is presently being totally wasted - even though it has the space & seating to turn into a paradise. Why wait any longer ??


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