Former Planning Commissioner Brings Consulting Firm to Glendora

Longtime Glendora resident Brad Kovar moves his consulting firm Safeguard EnviroGroup to the downtown Glendora Village.

Brad Kovar has come full circle since he moved the corporate offices of his consulting firm Safeguard EnviroGroup Inc. to Glendora recently.

 “After years of promoting the Glendora Village, I feel like I have finally come home,” said Kovar.

Kovar and his wife Rainy settled in Glendora 32 years ago and quickly adopted it as their hometown community where they have raised their three sons (who are now working with their father at Safeguard). 

The Kovars launched a food manufacturing business, the Glendora Quiche Company, which grew to serve major grocery store chains internationally.

In the late 1990s, Kovar began serving the community when he organized a group of volunteers and founded the first Glendora’s Farmers Market in the Glendora Village and the first Shop Glendora promotion. Shortly after, Mayor Larry Glenn and the City Council appointed him to the Glendora Planning Commission.

Kovar is now President and CEO of Safeguard EnviroGroup, Inc., one of California’s premier indoor environment consulting firms.

Safeguard EnviroGroup works with many local municipalities, Federal and State agencies, as well as business and residential clients conducting indoor air quality assessments and investigations, primarily in response to health complaints, Kovar explained.

“We all spend so many hours a day indoors, whether at work or home, breathing in more liters of air each hour than you can ever imagine. We should be very concerned with the quality of indoor air we breathe, especially considering studies have shown the air we breathe indoors is many times more polluted with hazardous particulates then the outdoor air in the nation’s smoggiest cities.”

Kovar's Safeguard EnviroGroup offers consultation on indoor environmental issues including mold, asbestos, lead, smoke damage and hazardous materials. Safeguard EnviroGroup staff includes, Dr. P. Chakravarty, a world renowned PhD environmental scientist, and several other highly credentialed hygienists.

 “My greatest joy is having all three of my sons involved in my business,” says Kovar. “Each has achieved great success and I’m very proud of them.”

Safeguard EnviroGroup Inc. is located at 158 N. Glendora Ave., Suite R, in Glendora Village. For more information, call (626) 335-3154 or visit www.safeguardenviro.com.

- Press release courtesy of the Glendora Village


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