Bomb Threat Phoned In To Walmart

Early morning call almost immediately deemed a hoax, police said.

Police searched Walmart Friday morning after the store received a bomb threat.

Officers responded to the store at 1950 East Auto Centre Drive around 2:58 a.m. A man called, spoke with an employee inside the store and claimed there was a bomb in the building. However, employees almost immediately felt the call was a hoax, said Lieutenant James DeMond.

"The manager thought it was a hoax. It didn't sound right, but he asked us to clear the inside," DeMond said, adding that the employees said the tone of the caller's voice and what he said indicated that the call was fake.

Officers arrived and cleared the building of what few patrons and employees were inside.

"There were probably more employees there than customers," DeMond said.

Police searched the interior and exterior for about 30 minutes and gave the all clear.

The manager did not desire any investigation, or prosecution, DeMond said.


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