Bally Total Fitness in Glendora Acquired by LA Fitness

After a $153 million acquisition that closed the Bally Total Fitness in Glendora, former Bally customers will have to look elsewhere for their workouts.

When Fitness International, LLC, an affiliate of LA Fitness International LLC, announced that it acquired earlier this month, the gym in Glendora was among those on that list.

Since early December, the Glendora location at 750 W. Route 66 has been closed. LA Fitness’ $153-million acquisition of the clubs, 40 in California, had been effective since Dec. 1, according to an LA Fitness release.

Once a powerhouse in the 80s that operated as many as 400 clubs in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, China and the Caribbean during its peak, Bally Total Fitness is among the corporations heavily hit by the recession, according to the Los Angeles Times.

After suffering a 48 percent drop in revenue since 2006, Bally cut its operations to its current 100 locations. Bally will continue to serve about 800,000 members.

Still, those who had memberships to the closed Bally location in Glendora have other gym options available.

Bally “local” members have access to LA Fitness clubs and other acquired Bally clubs in their state of enrollment, while Bally “national” members have access to both clubs in all of the states.

Bally members who had access to a single gym, will continue to have access to that location. If the location has closed, members are able to use another Bally or LA Fitness gym.

There is also anat 820 S Grand Ave.

But the transition still left former , especially those who paid about $2,000 for lifetime memberships. A Web site was created by a former Bally customer in Michigan in hopes to form a class action lawsuit (the board has since been discontinued following negotiations with LA Fitness).

LA Fitness has plans to remodel, expand and relocate some of the acquired clubs to larger and newer facilities.

Terry December 23, 2011 at 10:43 PM
Hopefully this means the plaza will get a much-needed update. It's pretty run-down right now.
S. Moore December 27, 2011 at 05:33 AM
I thnk it sucks! The one reason I liked Bally's was because it wasn't the larger gym and it was more personal. These large gyms are crowded and you always wait for equipment, I know, I belonged to 24 HR Fitness with my daughter and we quit, it was ridiculous. I'm sad to see it go and Bally's accepted the Silver Sneakers Club through Scan, when I called LA Fitness they don't take it and it's because they are just too snooty of a club, the lady I spoke with even hung up on me before I was finished, if their not going to get a membership, they don't really care. I found another club that is small, not as close, but it will have to do. Those larger clubs are a waste of money in my opinion. Too bad for Bally's and if the other customers are like I am, when I noticed things seemed sorta of weird the last week I was going, and I asked if they were moving , they said no. Please in the future, when you do these things, let your long termed, dedicated customers know, be honest people. This is why some were upset, I'm sure, I know I was. Very sad.
Ian December 27, 2011 at 11:46 PM
I've got a membership to 24HR and I love it, however I only go later at night, so for me it's never crowded. If you're not wanting to go LA Fitness, then I'd suggest that you look into the gym that is next to Donut Man, or the gym that is next to the sushi place where Stater Bros is located. Since they are privately owned, I doubt that they will have the ability to give any kinds of senior discounts, but I am sure that they will appreciate your business. Whatever you do, don't stop going to the gym!
Janet Turgetto February 21, 2012 at 07:25 AM
I noticed the Montclair Ballys changed names and went looking for the Glendora Ballys to find out it closed or changed names too. I'm upset for sure, I paid thousands to have a Bally's membership. Now their web site says there isn't a Ballys at all. Are ALL of them closing? This is very sad.


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