A Look at Restaurant Inspection Grades in Glendora

How did your favorite eatery fare?

Bugs. Dirty hands. Contaminated surfaces.

Are you getting more than you ordered when you eat out in Glendora?

Food facility inspection results for the city, including any violations for which an establishment was cited, can be found online at the Food Facility Rating page at the Los Angeles County Public Health website.

Consumers can search the results for Glendora—as well as any city in Los Angeles County—and view current scores and the last date of inspection.

Establishments recently closed due to compliance issues can be found at the site's searchable Food Facility Closure List page.

For more information on how food facilities are scored and graded, read the Retail Food Inspection Guide attached to this story in the media box.

Kenfuzed February 03, 2013 at 10:28 PM
If you write an article on "Restaurant Inspection Grades in Glendora" wouldn't it be useful to name those that did poorly? Since the author wants her readers to do the research for her, I'll save everyone the trouble and call out those that rated below 89 which is a B rating. 1) Palms Family Restaurant scored 82, B rating. No surprise here, this place will make you sick just opening their sticky menus! 2) Chili's scored 83, B rating. No excuse a chain restaurant this big should do so poorly. However I'm not surprised. Coco's scored 86, B rating. Another chain restaurant that should know better, though if places were rated on service this place would probably get an F. Sushi Umi scored 88, B rating. I really love Sushi but when it comes to dealing with raw fish, a B rating is a huge red flag for me. 10 places had a score of 90 which is still an A, but barely. To put all of this in perspective, both 7-Eleven's received a 99 and 100 and we all know they let barely warm hot dogs tumble on that roller rack for who-knows how long... so how bad are these other places to not score as well?
Ryan February 04, 2013 at 07:04 AM
Thanks Ken.
Amber Lynn February 05, 2013 at 02:08 PM
I think they inspected the Glendora Continental in the dark. Tiny flies are in the ice cubes in the bar area, lipstick will be found on glasses in the bar area, the waitress station for preparing your salad is NOT refrigerated properly... the sour cream for your potatoes, not refrigerated during dinner service... just sits out, to make it easy on the waitresses who put it on your potato. Did you know that they prepare your food without a food safety certificate? yup. There is no place to wash your hands frequently if you are a waitress, because there is only one tiny little restroom in the way way back and you have to tough a lot of surfaces after washing your hands. menus are not cleaned. Pine sol has been used to clean food prep surfaces and is a common practice... should I keep going? Ask for a tour sometime. lol happy eating (barfing).
George Z February 05, 2013 at 08:27 PM
ken, thanks for listing them. I've eaten at Sushi Umi several times and never had a problem with it. The last i did, i noticed the "b"rating in their window and don't think i'll be going back. too bad, its so close for me.
Chuck April 22, 2013 at 01:49 PM
Palms Family Restaurant....stickey table tops, sticky menus and sticky seats. Had ice water brought to my table with lip stick imprints on edge of glass. Whole place needs a majr cleanup.


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