Blog: Post Election Realities

Feel disappointed in the election? There's still hope.

Be honest. Regardless of your party leanings, raise your hand if you are relieved that we will no longer have to listen to endless rhetoric, promises, manipulative TV commercials or statements that were intended to divide and conquer our population...okay...a few of you anyway.

I'm just tired of it all. I'm rather glad that we can attempt to move on with our lives and try to actually address the problems in this country. I don't think I need to point out that while everyone was out there trying to get re-elected or get a proposition passed, no actual work that needed to be done was being done. Or at least, very little.  So it's time to focus, people.

Regardless of whether your person or proposition won, we all need to move on. Some people will insist on complaining, sitting around with their laptop to get their two cents in on whatever site or thread they choose, or gloating over an election that turned out the way they wanted. Face it...that's a waste of time for all involved. We need to focus more on us...our country, our communities, our families, etc. What can WE can do individually that will make a positive difference in our world. At least, that will be my focus.

Politicians come and go, good propositions can fail; bad ones can pass..but life goes on and so far the country has held fast against all adversity. That's not because of the Democrats or Republicans. That's because of the general population and people who do what they can to make a difference.

No matter how frustrated any of us get, all we can do to move this country forward is to vote, to be active in a campaign for things one believes in and to do what one can as an individual. Beyond that, few of us have any more power or influence to do more. We can only do so much. If we fail; oh well, time to move on or keep trying to do whatever one can do.  I think the sooner we all understand and believe in our own potential, the easier it will be to get over this election.

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