Viewfinder: Boy Scout Troop 483 Respectfully Retires the Flag

A visual recap of the 26th annual flag retirement ceremony.

“When American flags are deemed unserviceable, they are to be retired and destroyed with respectful and honorable rites.  This is accomplished by first burning the flags and then burying the ashes.” --Gordon Rowley, Boy Scout committee man.

On June 11, 2011 Boy Scout Troop 483 along with the Serrano Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution held the 26th annual flag retirement ceremony.

The flags, all of which were turned in by community members and businesses, were no longer fit to fly due to wear and tear they received while being displayed. As a sign of respect to the flag and the country, the Boy Scouts  and the D.A.R. honorably retired approximately 200 flags.

The ceremony included a presentation of the colors, a recitation of the 'Pledge of Allegiance,' a keynote speech from Boy Scout leader and Vietnam Veteran, Bill Halliwell and the respectful burning of the American, Californian and P.O.W. flags.

Present at the ceremony were a number of community leaders including council members Judy Nelson and Karen Davis as well as former Mayor Lois Shade.

The ceremony, which took place at the United Methodist Church of Glendora, was supervised by Troop 483 Scout Master, Steve Salyard and Boy Scout Committeman, Gordon Rowley.


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