Two Homes in Same Duplex Burglarized

Wednesday burglaries may be work of same suspect, or suspects, police said. Officers offer tips to keep your homes, cars safe.

Two homes at a duplex were reportedly burglarized Wednesday in a relatively close timeframe.

Both homes in the 300 block of South Pennsylvania Avenue were burglarized in the same fashion, with entry made through a rear window. Jewelry was taken from both homes, with a loss of about $50 in costume jewelry to one home, said Lieutenant Brian Summers of Glendora Police. The loss to the second home has not been determined yet.

Both residents were hit sometime between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Wednesday. Forced entry was made to one residence when a window was pried open. The resident of the second home believes their window may have been left unsecured, Summers said.

Officers have no leads and no suspect description.

"Based upon the proximity of the residents and the time frame, it's most likely the same suspect or suspects," Summers said.

Although Glendora is a relatively safe town, it does have its share of problems, Summers said. He offered easy tips for residents to follow in order to prevent burglaries in the home and in vehicles:


  • Secure and lock all windows and doors.
  • Set your alarm system (if you have one).
  • Always know who your residents are and know who belongs in the neighborhood.

"If somebody sees something out of the ordinary we ask them not to hesitate, but to call," Summers said.


  • Never leave any valuables inside the car.
  • Lock the doors and roll the windows up.

"The most obvious thing is to not leave valuables in your car, period," Summers said. Thefts from vehicles are a common problem, "especially at shopping centers and fitness facilities. If they really want to do it, they'll break windows. The idea is to make it as difficult as possible," Summers said.

Glendora Police conducts vacation checks for residents who will be away from their homes for extended periods of time. Auxiliary officers will check said homes periodically to make sure the property is secure.

Residents are required to fill out a form at the Glendora Police Station and provide information, such as emergency contacts and what animals or vehicles should be at the residence. Homes can be checked for a maximum of two weeks at each request, with a maximum of three requests per year, Summer said.


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