Fire Family Foundation Reaches Out To Colby Victims

Fire Family Foundation website.
Fire Family Foundation website.
In the wake of the destructive Colby Fire, many individuals, businesses and groups have come forward to help those affected by the wildfire; one of those groups is the Family Fire Foundation.

In the day after the Colby Fire began scorching over 1,900 acres of the San Gabriel Mountains above Glendora, the non-profit Fire Family Foundation announced it will offer assistance to residents directly affected by the fire as well as offer assistance to the families of injured fire fighters.

Family Fire Foundation primarily helps with financial assistance, but can also cover other needs.

Depending on the severity of the need, Fire Family Foundation can pay for an individual mortgage, medical costs resulting from the fire, food and clothing expenses, said Robin McCarthy, executive director of Fire Family Foundation.

"For these people to know that there's someone there like Fire Family Foundation lending a hand is critical, because of the fact that there are so many individuals that are struggling to move on with their lives," McCarthy said.

In about one week, the foundation will reach out to families of the injured fire fighters from the Colby Fire to provide any needed aid, McCarthy said.

Individuals seeking aid can contact the foundation, either by phone, email, or through the foundation website. An application will need to be filled out, describing the need.

Fire Family Foundation is a relatively new organization based in the Los Angeles offices of the L.A. Firemen's Credit Union.

For more information, visit the Fire Family Foundation website.


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