Finishing the school year strong

Capistrano Connections Academy students proudly showing off their medals after finishing The Kids Run The OC.
Capistrano Connections Academy students proudly showing off their medals after finishing The Kids Run The OC.

The end of the school year is almost here, and it’s always an exciting time for students, whether they’re looking forward to a fun-filled summer or their freshman year of college. While planning ahead is important, it’s also equally important to finish the school year strong and stay focused on existing responsibilities.


School, like many things in life, is not a sprint but a marathon. Marathon runners must reserve a calculated measure of energy and effort to endure the long distance and finish the race. Students can emulate that perseverance and planning to ensure they finish the school year strong and set themselves up for success on the next leg of their personal marathon.


Capistrano Connections Academy students recently participated in The Kids Run The OC event, which gives children the opportunity to take part in the Orange County Marathon. Our students ran 1-3 miles each week for 10-12 weeks, and by the end of the program, each student had accumulated 25.2 miles. Students then ran the final mile the Saturday before the official marathon. This was a great example of working toward a goal, and keeping a steady pace all the way to the finish line. I was so proud to see so many of our students complete the race and learn this valuable lesson.


The ability to follow through on goals is an invaluable asset that transfers to many pursuits in life, be it getting an “A” on a final school assignment for the year or completing a project for work. As an educator for 15 years, I find the most successful students I’ve known are good at finishing what they started. As we enter the last few weeks of school, we encourage all students and parents to push through the proverbial wall and finish strong. 

Karen May 18, 2014 at 01:31 PM
That was a enlightening article and reminder that it's not where you are, it's how you got there. Thank you for sharing.


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